Friday, 28 February 2014

A Smiley Girl in a Not So Smiley World.

To meet me all you would see is the smile on my face and the bubbly but introverted personality but underneath the convincing smile is a girl that suffers from depression. 
It's estimated that 6-7% of young people aged between 16 to 26 will experience depression.
People may think it's a weak person who suffers from this condition but some times it's those who have been the strongest and just can't handle it anymore.

Through my experience with dealing with my depression I have learnt that I have to have 'me time' and spend time doing an activity that I love and brings a ray of joy into my life.
For me it's Painting, Photography, Baking and Crafts.

It's amazing how you view the world when you are dealing with depression. I tend to see the beauty in nature that I would normally take for granted. The Clouds gliding through the sky and forming monstrous care bear shaped creatures to the swaying of  a gum tree adorned with Rosella's and Lorikeet's serenading me as if they knew that I would need that special song they are singing.

Nature makes me want to create and express myself like nothing else.
Out comes my camera or my watercolours and away I create.

(Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens, Sherbrooke, Dandenong Ranges, Victoria)

It's important to find an activity that brings you joy not just expect a person to bring you the joy you need.
A good diet is essential for dealing with depression I personally am Vegan and cook mostly gluten-free food as well. But one thing that has helped has been juicing daily. I read a  book called 'The Juice Lady's Guide to Juicing for Health' by Cherie Calbom this book is a must have if you are a juicing fan like myself. It goes through all the most common disorders and illnesses in society today and gives you some diet ideas, a run down on to do's and don't's for the problem and also a few juicing recipes.
For example the juice I have been having daily is called 'Mood Mender' which consists of 3 fennel stalks, 3 carrots, 2 celery stalks, 1/2 pear and 1/2 and inch of gingerroot. It took about four days but i started seeing real improvements in myself. It's proof that a great diet can cure anything.

I also have to surround myself with positivity and brush off all negativity that I may come in contact with.
If everyone lived in this world giving out love and positivity this world would be a brighter and happier place for those struggling with mental disorders such as depression.
Love and Joy is known to give you a healthy and happy life so why don't we all live loving everyone around us and showing someone who is down some extra care.
You never know what an impact a smile can make to a person suffering from depression!

Take care Doll's and love

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