Friday, 28 February 2014

Product Review: Moo Goo.

So you may be confused as to why I would be using this product if I am Vegan and trust me I struggled with the decision as to whether to try it or not. 
But boy was I glad I did!!

Moo Goo is an all natural Australian product which is made from milk protein with a combination of coconut oils and other natural yummies!

I used to use Sukin which is 100% vegan but it just stopped nourishing  my long locks so it was time for a change!

A lot of my extended family have been raving about MooGoo saying how wonderful it has been for their hair so I thought after much deliberation to give it a go!

I naturally have oily hair and scalp so for me to get a nice squeaky clean feel to my hair takes a lot of scrubbing which in the past meant using harsh chemical rich products to strip all the oils, and also all the goodness, from my hair. But I was impressed by this product after two shampoo's my hair was so so so clean!
But then there was the conditioner and my hair really needed it!
I applied the smallest amount to the ends of my hair and to my amazement there were no knots or tangles and my hair felt like silk.
But the real test was to see how my crazy frizzy hair went when dried off!!

So I dried my hair as I normally do with a rough blow dry which normally would make my hair frizz up like the Guy Sebastian Fro but you would have thought that I had styled my hair not just dried it off.
I generally wear my hair in a mass of loose curls styled by my GHDs so I was interested to see if this new found nourishment meant that I would have weighed down curls instead of my bouncy locks.
So i styled as normal and the curls were as tight as they always are and stayed through the duration of the day without the assistance of hair spray!

So all in all these two products have done wonders for my hair and I would recommend them to you all!!

Retailing at $17.50 a bottle from GoVita Health Stores.
Need an extra oomph to your hair....
head for the MooGoo shelf!!

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