Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Vegan's Day Out!

Today I thought I would adventure into Fitzroy to check out a new vegan food store that has just opened up on Brunswick Street because it is hard to find a wide range of vegan yummies around in the local stores!

I spent all of 10 minutes in The Cruelty Free Store and I was very disappointed!
Not only was is overpriced but there also was no much variety there!

So I stepped out of the shop doors, with only two items in hand, and looked up and there across the road, with an aura shinning, was The Vegie Bar!

Now I had heard the great wonders of the place before but had never known where exactly it was so this castle of vegan heaven had eluded me until  now!!

As though there was a rope drawing me in I entered The Vegie Bar to taste their delectable delights!

The atmosphere here is very typical of the area with a warehouse, hipster kind of feel which makes me want to explore even more!

Greeted with smiles and open arms the waitress took our orders and we sat drooling across the table longing for our scrumdiddlyumptious lunches to arrive!

I went with my Mum and she ordered what she thought was a basic garden salad, because of her eating requirements she finds it hard to find much choice on menus, but when it came it was a mountain of raw goodness on a bed of roasted yumminess! 

Mine arrived and I was expecting a plain risotto but when I shovelled the puffed grains of rice into my mouth it was a dance of Thai Elephants wearing Coconuts on their heads!
Ok so maybe not but the tastes of Thailand came flooding into my mouth!
You can't even begin to imagine how much joy that brings me!! 

I followed up with my delicious green juice packed full of Apples, Cucumber,  Spinach, Kale, Avocado and Maca Powder!
It was so lovely and refreshing!

I loved this place and truly recommend it to you all!

They have Vegan, Gluten Free and Raw Options!

Check it out I bet you will love it!!

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

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