Friday, 21 March 2014

Baking With Holly!

Friday is my adventures in the kitchen day! 
I generally bake a treat as well as something special for dinner!
This week is actually my parents wedding anniversary so we are having a good old fashion Aussie barbecue together. So there isn't a nice dinner tonight but I prepared something for the freezer to show you Doll's anyways!

I made a Vegan Irish Stew last night using TVP (which is a soy meat replacement), some assorted vegetables, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a touch of homemade plum sauce and some herbs and spices.
But there was just way too much left over so I chucked it in the fridge to cool so I could make them into some meat pies... vegan style!

We are cheaters in a way... we have a pie machine which is so much quicker then cooking pies in the oven it seriously only takes 5-7mins to make the pies!

I am using a pre-made packet of Gluten-Free Vegan pastry sheets available from Coles.
The handy thing with the pie machine is there is a pastry cutter included so you will get even pies every single time you make them!

And all you do is fill the bases with the mixture until they are just slightly piled higher then the sides and place the tops on and close the lid and it does everything else for you!!

The finished result is yummy golden brown ready to eat pies.

I allow the pies to cool in the fridge and then I place them in individual freezer bags and place them into the freezer ready to pull out when I need something quick and easy to have for dinner!

I also just pulled a fresh batch of cookies (pictured above) out of the oven my house seems amazing with hints of chocolate and coconuts! 
There is nothing like a home filled with the scent of home baking.

Hope you Doll's are having a wonderful Friday Afternoon! 
Finally a lovely cool change has come over and is meant to bring some long awaited rain!

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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