Saturday, 8 March 2014

Daiso Haul

For those of you who aren't familiar with Daiso stores they are stores where everything is $2.80 kind of like ¥100 stores in Japan.
They are full of weird and wonderful items direct from the shores of Japan ready for being discovered by us westerners!

The other day while browsing the Caroline Springs Daiso store I noticed that they had started stocking a larger variety of beauty products.
I normally wouldn't use cheaper products on my body but they do have some great products available.

I have a wedding in a month that I am needing to do my makeup for and have been on the hunt for black eyelash glue and some less expensive lashes to trail out and to my amazement I found a whole section on just eyelashes!
So I went overboard!

I picked up three different choices of lashes, one cross hair, one straight lash and one short straight lash.
There are seriously heaps to choose from here if I recall they ranged from numbers 1-14 so I'm pretty sure you will be able to find the style you are looking for.

After spending at least 15mins gawking at all the lashes I looked up the top of the rack and spotted the black lash glue I have been searching high and low for!
So I grabbed it before anyone else could steal it from me!

As I was starting to walk out of the aisle I saw all these quaint little boxes then reading the labels I realised they are eyelash storage boxes!!
I couldn't believe it what a easy storage idea to help preserve the lashes.
So I just had to get one!
I only grabbed a small box but they came in really large sizes for those lash fanatics out there!

I have been looking for a lash curler for years but have never felt comfortable with the spring loaded ones and have wanted something that I can trail without paying out a lot of money.
Daiso actually sell a few types of lash curlers, the spring loaded as well as the scissor action curlers.
So for $2.80 how can I go wrong!

I am really fussy when it comes to skin care and I generally will only use organic or natural wipes for makeup removal but these wipes were just so darn cute!!
So whoopsie I'll just have to use them all up!

Finally, I have been looking at getting the translucent makeup storage containers to keep everything neat and chic at the same time but when I have gone to look at them in the storage and home stores they are really really expensive and I couldn't justify the amount of money they where charging but I found this translucent makeup brush storage holder on the bottom of one of the shelves and thought it was perfect!!
I have not only stored my brushes in it but also my lashes, liners and mascaras!
It's perfect!

If you are going to head into Daiso to have a look trust me you will get lost exploring all the quirky items inside so set aside some time to enjoy!

 I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!!
I'm all ready for the sunshine!

Take Care Dolls and Love

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