Monday, 10 March 2014

Eye Spy With My Little Eye!

Today here in Melbourne is a scorcher and this little lady is a winter lover so just like Olaf in Frozen I melt in the heat!! Well maybe not quite that dramatic but close!! 
I'm spending my time today browsing websites on the lookout for the next product to catch my eye so why not tell you all about it!

I think I mentioned the other day that I have a wedding coming up in a month and I'm still figuring out what products I will need to complete my look for the day.
I am wearing a beige dress with a black lace overlay so I was thinking of basing my makeup on the elegance on the lace and the pink in the beige and when I was in Mecca Maxima the other day an eye palette caught my eye.
This picture does no justice for the beauty in the colours.
I'm loving the gentle shimmer through the shadows.... but then we look to the very last shae and it is shimmer on steroids. What girl doesn't like shimmer!
I am hoping to get the effect of a evening smokey eye but with a feminine elegance rather than a more edgy party look I really think this palette is perfect for what I am needing to achieve. 

I have two more Too Faced products that I have on my wish list.
You could say I'm loving Too Faced's ranges of cosmetics at the moment and if I could I would be buying every product I can get my sticky fingers on!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight is the eye primer I have this beady eyes fixed on.
I have a lot of trouble keeping my eye makeup on and every time I go to a makeup counter and explain that I can't make my eye shadow last they always say to purchase a primer and they proceed sell me a base primer which of course doesn't work because I am in need of this wonderful invention.
How come there is a great product out there that does the job and only a hand full of cosmetic companies only produce it??
I'm so excited to have found this primer and what I love about this particular primer is that it is an illuminated base as well as a primer so it will make my shimmered up eye shadow glow even more! 
(Can you tell that i have a thing for shimmer??)
My final wish list item from Too Faced is Absolutely Invisible Powder Candlelight this is a beautiful translucent powder that is also, you guessed it, an illuminating powder... yeah I'm going to light up like a beacon in the night!
When i tried this powder it felt so lovely and smooth on my skin it really is a beautiful powder.
I normally feel the weight of a powder after applying it on my foundation but this was so light but the effect was magical I loved the feel and the look!
I really am looking forward to using this product!

This next product is not actually beauty related but I am hanging out to try it!
Complex Greens by Passion Projects!
This is a Vegan supplement which is so amazingly full of everything you could ever wish for! 
This product is a great source of protein, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, herbs, mushrooms, antioxidants and fatty and amino acids!
All in all it is jam packed full of veggie goodness!
It has an amazing amount of health benefits....
-Boosts natural energy and endurance
-Alkalises and detoxifies the body
-Supports healthy digestion and immunity
-Enhances brain and nerve function.
-Reduces inflammation and free radical damage.
-Healthy heart and liver support.
-Builds resilience to stress & anxiety.
-Builds and repairs muscles.
-Supports healthy skin, hair, nails and eyes.
-Radiation protection and cell DNA repair.
I really am excited about this and can't wait to be able to try it in my daily juice!
Remember your body is a temple so don't treat it like the local fast food store!

Finally, i have my eye on this nail polish set...

Ciate´ Limted Edition Doll House Nail Collection!!
Seriously could nail polishes be any cuter??
These little cuties are coming out to Mecca Maxima on the 31st of March and are only going to be $36 for all 5 mini pots!
I don't know if you Dolls have seen the new catalogue for Mecca Maxima but they have advertised them modelled with each colour on a different finger and it really does look so sweet!
Even though they are not available at Mecca Maxima at the moment they are available at ASOS! 

These are just a few of the amazing items i have my little eyes on!
I hope i have inspired and given you some ideas!
And I hope you are all managing to stay cool in this heatwave or warm depending where you're from!
Take Care Dolls and Love

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