Friday, 14 March 2014

Food For Thought!

I get asked a lot being vegan 'what do you eat for fun?'
Or people tell me 'you can't be so strict on yourself you have to have treats not and then!'
So today I am going to show you a few of my yummies I nibble on for a treat! 

You don't understand how good these three chocolate bars are!
Especially this one....

Pana Chocolate
is amazing!
No seriously it is amazing!!
They are completely raw, organic, handmade, low GI, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, refined sugar free...
and most of all VEGAN!!
Being raw it is so much healthier for you and you will be feeding your health as well as your belly!

And they come in the cutest wrapping... paper not foil!
Ow wow... I just had a piece hmmmmmmm heaven!
The flavouring is from essential oils, this particular bar is orange and tangerine essential oils.
What I also love about this chocolate company is that they have a local store in Richmond, Victoria, where they are all made and not only these little guys but also gourmet chocolates for something special!
I have tried two of the flavours this one and the peppermint one so far the peppermint is my favourite but orange is not far behind!
These bars are a little pricey but trust me it is so worth it!
Being 60% organic cacao it is quite a strong chocolate so I never actually eat the whole block at once.
I purchase my Pana Chocolate bars from two places one is Mister Nice Guys  Bakery in Ascot Vale and the other is Go Vita Health Food Stores!
They retail at $6.50 a bar but at Go Vita they are more I think I pay $7.95
But the great thing about the internet they are available directly from Pana Chocolate.

My other treat that I like to indulge on are these Macro Raw Food Bars.
These are a little different they are natural raw foods mixed together to be something similar to chocolate.
A blend of Dates, Nuts and Cocoa Liquor they are more a fruit and nut bar then a chocolate bar but its good enough for me!
You can taste the liquor rather then chocolate similar to a rum ball.
These are also a lot cheaper than the Pana Chocolate and easier to find! 
Being Macro they are only available at Woolworth's Supermarkets and I only pay $1.99 a bar.
I have two flavours pictured here which are Chocolate Flavoured and Chocolate and Mint Flavoured and yeah i like the mint one better! 
There are no sugars in these Macro Raw bars they are naturally sweetened by the dates.
Also being a date bar they are high in fibre! 

Just because a person doesn't eat the same as everyone else it doesn't mean they don't have treats too!
I tried an Aero Bar a few weeks back, which used to be my favourite, and it was dreadful nothing compared to these raw chocolate bars I didn't know what I had been missing all these years! 

Try one, see if you feel the same! 

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

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