Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ink Pink We Stink!

There is no colour on this earth that brings me as much joy as pink does!
If you went through my belongings this would be quite obvious!
When I did my kitchen the first thing my fiance´ said was "It's Pink!"
No more words needed to describe me!
Even my beauty products are very pink and here are just a few...

Eeny Meany Miney Mo.... 
Lets start with Revlon's Colourburst  Lip Butter in the shade Sweet Tart (this is the pale pink lip stick with a black base)
The best way to describe this colour is candy pink!! 
When you look at the packaging you are expecting a nice subtle pastel pink but boy are you more further from the truth!!!
This pink would put Barbie to shame!
I love wearing this lipstick but only for the colour.
It actually tends to dry my lips out and the colour doesn't last very long so I have to spend the whole day reapplying my lip stick!
But the colour is so darn cute so I keep wearing it anyways!
I purchased this Sweet Tart lip stick from my local Chemist Warehouse for $18.39 but the great thing about Chemist Warehouse you can purchase online 

Maybelline Coloursentional in the shade Vivid Rose (904) 
(the open lipstick in the photo)
I wear this shade all the time!
It is such a chic shade, almost red but more like a freshly blossomed rose!
Being such a vivid pigment this will last longer then most of my everyday lipsticks but it still isn't a super-stay or long-lasting lipstick so reapplication is needed!
I also find that after a while of wearing this lip stick it tends to dry my lips out I always have to top it with a gloss or balm to keep my lips from cracking!
I love wearing this shade because it isn't as harsh as a red can sometimes look but still as eye catching!!
I also purchased this at Chemist Warehouse for $14.39.

On a day when I have very natural make up on and don't want to be looking like I have been to a salon that morning I will normally wear this lip balm by Nivea called Pearl and Shine.
It is a very pale pink with a beautiful sheen through it.
I don't wear this for its moisturising qualities I actually still have to wear some paw paw ointment or eight hour cream over the top.
I just like the look of the natural pale pink.
I also purchased this from Chemist Warehouse for $3.39
It's really cheap and I wouldn't get upset if I lost it when i'm out.

I love OPI's nail lacquers I have raved about them before but these two colours are two of my favourites!
Koala Berry and I Think In Pink.
Koala Berry was actually my very first OPI product I ever purchased from David Jones about 7 years ago and it is still my go to polish.
I love the Barbie pink feel to the colour and stands out when I paint it on my toes for summer.
I Think In Pink is very similar to Mod About You I reviewed not long ago but to apply it it is actually very different. It takes a lot more coats to get the desired results and it is a lot more watery and Mod About You has a lot more white in its base so it is a lot more stark!
You can never go wrong with OPI!
I purchase mine from David Jones for $19.95

Finally is my favourite perfume which I have only ever seen this one time when I purchased it at my local chemist about 5 years ago but I did a quick search and found it!!
I don't normally buy celebrity perfumes but I loved this as soon as I smelt it.
It is very florally but sweet at the same time.
I have never been a fan of a floral perfume but this gets me every time!
If romance had a scent it would be this with its soft aroma and soothing tones it makes me feel beautiful and graceful at the same time! 
Retailing for $59.00 at Priceline if you ever get a chance please stop to smell the roses!

Every girl needs a little pink in her life and I hope I shared some into yours!

Take Care Dolls and Love

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