Sunday, 30 March 2014

Last Minute Purchase!

This Friday we have a wedding to go to that my Fiance´ is actually a groomsman in so I have been busy trying to gather up all the make up and accessories I will need to look perfect for this garden wedding!

I'm wearing a pale peach dress with black lace overlay so I wanted to base my make up on the colours of the dress.
I have already blogged about my eye make up and how I'm doing my face for the day but I actually completely forgot about lips.

So I researched different brands and different colour combinations and came to the conclusion I would try MAC.

Off we toddled to Myer at Highpoint, which is the nearest MAC counter to us, so I could explore the wonders of lipstick shades that were awaiting!

I normally don't go to MAC because every single time I go I never get served and end up just walking off or I do get served but they are just plain rude!
But I had no choice but to put up with the poor service!

I had originally decided on the lipstick Angel and the lipliner Devrish but when I actually tried them on my lovely Fiance´ wasn't too keen on the colour so that meant I had to actually get served but for once, to my surprise, I was served with a smile and the lady was very helpful and suggested her all time favourite go to lipstick which is Shy Girl and the lipliner Summerfruit.
This combination is the perfect peach tone!
At first I felt it was too orange but when I dabbed off the colour a little on a tissue it settled and it was a lovely natural shade!
And most of all my Fiance´ liked it!
So that's always a winner for me!

Summerfruit lipliner is a crayon liner.
I was actually wanting to go old school with a pencil but this shade matched the lipstick perfectly!
I wore this all day yesterday and it lasted through the day with only having to reapply the lipstick.
Which is what I want considering the wedding is actually at 4pm.
This liner is quite a thick texture so at first I felt like I had so much product on my lips but I eventually got used to the feeling and loved the result! 

I love the natural toning that these two products give my lips and I would highly recommend them to you all!!

What lip combination are you loving at the moment?

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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