Monday, 31 March 2014

March Favourite!

It's the last day of March and you know what that means!!

It feels like is was only yesterday that I did my February Favourites this month has flown by so quickly!

March has been a great month for finding new things and exploring different styles that I would not have normally tried.
I have blogged previously about a couple of these items but I loved them so much that they just had to be part of my Monthly Favourites!

I only just discovered Too Faced Cosmetics this month, thanks to my lovely friend Melaniface, and I went crazy when I found it instore at Mecca Maxima! 
So two of my monthly favourites are actually from Too Faced ...

Too Faced - Boudoir Eyes
This  palette is the most beautiful palette I have used to date!
I love the versatility of the shades and the vast choices I have when doing my eye make up now.
If I want smokey eyes or a fresh spring chic look I can do it all with this one palette!
The colour scheme is very feminine in shades of pink, plum and all things glitter!
I am loving this purchase!
It costed me $53.95 from Mecca Maxima and I truly believe that it was well worth the money considering that a lot of other beauty brands charge anything from $30 a pot and the quality is no where near as good as this palette.

This has to be the greatest mascara I have ever used!
The wand is shaped like an hour glass which helps to pick up every litter tiny eyelash and flares them all out to give the illusion that you are wearing false lashes!
What I love about this mascara is that it doesn't clump up after the first application like most mascaras tend to do.
Instead you are left with full twiggy style lashes with little effort!
This set me back $31.95 which when you think about it is not much more than a lot of chemist, or drugstore, brands that are a low quality product!

I searched long and hard for a skin toned eyeliner for my bottom waterline and I  seriously only found two and they were both by Chanel!
This pencil and a crayon style pen.
But me being a traditionalist stuck with the pencil.
This shade is number 69 which is called Clair.
This glides on with ease and the colour is perfectly even and visible with only one application!
It really works well to help open my eyes when I have a lot of darker tones happening on my top lid!
Chanel charge $48.95 for this pencil but I purchased mine from StrawberryNet for only $37.95!
Also you get a free Chanel sharpener with it! It is so adorable!

I am such a silly billy I went to M.A.C on the weekend to buy the lipstick shade 'Angel' and today when choosing my monthly favourites I realised that 'Angel' is the shade I wear all the time! (Good thing I didn't repurchase it in Saturday)
I love this lipstick!
It leaves my lips feeling soft and moisturised and never, not even once, has it dried my lips out!
The shade is a perfect soft pink which goes so well with the Boudoir Eyes palette shades I have been wearing on my eyes lately.
I haven't really needed to wear a liner with this shade its perfect the way it is!
All M.A.C lipsticks are $36.00 this one included!
Really you should get this for your collection!!

Last but not least...

I am loving this foundation brush!!
I stumbled across this brand online when searching for some new brushes and I was amazed how cheap they are!
I wasn't expecting anything great in quality but when they arrived they were amazing!!
The quality was so professional!
The reviews were really good when I was reading about the brand but I never really trust reviews that are on a stores website because sometimes they are fake reviews but this time I truly believe that the reviews were true!
The brushes are so soft on my skin!
The foundation applies so evenly with this brush better than any other brush I have ever used!
And they wash up so easily!
But seriously ITS PINK where could I go wrong?!
This brush costed $10.00 yeah thats right only $10.00!!
All their brushes are animal friendly and cruelty free!
I own quite a few of their brushes now and I think I would continue to use them I really am loving them!!

I hope you Dolls enjoyed my Monthly Favourites!
What are your Monthly Favourites? I would love to know what you Dolls are into at the moment! 

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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