Monday, 24 March 2014

My Daily Skincare

I'm not the greatest when it comes to skincare I have very temperamental skin which makes it really hard when trying to find the perfect skincare regime. 
I will grab something that claims to be sensitive and almost immediately after applying it to my face I come out in whelps, rashes and splotches! 

But these products I have been able to use for over a year now without any hiccups!

The newest member of my daily skincare regime is that ugly looking bar of soap... 
To look at this little fellow is not appealing in the slightest but after my Fiance's parents went to Vanuatu for Christmas and came back raving about this natural oil I did what any beauty addict would do I jumped straight onto their website and ordered me some of that oil which is called Tamanu Oil.
After using the oil on my eczema and other skin irritations I decided to try some  of their other products and I came across this the "Forever Young Tamanu Soap" which is made from Tamanu Oil and Coconut Oil.
The great thing about this, being direct from Vanuatu, they don't add any fake and nasty ingredients into their soaps so you know that you are getting exactly what you asked for!
I have been using this since January and I love it!
It does dry my skin out a little but I just lather it up with some moisturiser and its as good as new!
This product is only available at The Summit Vanuatu's website for only $7.95 and I think my postage was only $1.90 to Melbourne, Australia! 
I use this in the shower every morning.

I will follow it up with Sukin's Sensitive Facial Moisturiser and Sukin's Antioxidant Eye Serum I like to wear a more natural skincare range during the day rather then a chemical filled product just because my face is being hit by enough pollution and chemicals during the day and I don't need to add to that by smothering on petrochemicals and all those other nasties!
I purchase my Sukin products from Chemist Warehouse but they are also available off their website.

My night regime consists of using make-up remover wipes to remove all my beautiful make-up, normally I use WotNot Facial Wipes,  the I rewash my face with Lancome's Gel Eclat Clarifying Cleanser, which I purchase from either David Jones (if I'm desperate) or StrawberryNet. This cleanser I find to be so soothing to my skin it has a silky feel to it which makes it so refreshing to use.
Once I have rinsed off my cleanser, which takes some doing this cleanser is so thick, I then moisturise with Lancome's Hydrazen Extreme Soothing Moisturising Cream which always makes my face feel soothed and refreshed after a long day with all that make up on!
Lancome is a bit pricey but I am just happy to have a product that doesn't aggravate my skin!

All up these products make my skin feel soothed, refreshed and silky smooth!

What are the products that you Doll's are loving on your skin at the moment??

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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