Sunday, 2 March 2014

Product Review: Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation

Finding the perfect foundation is some times a chore in itself but the search can be completely rewarding.
I have searched for years for a foundation that would hide all those unwanted blemishes and control the natural oils pulsing from my pores.

I've tried everything from MAC to Maybelline, L'oreal to Chanel and after about a year of using Chanel's Matte Lumiere I was asked to come into Chanel's Beauty Bar at Highpoint for a make-up trail.
When it came to the artist asking what foundation I preferred she then suggested this wonderful new product that had been released (this was about a year ago) called Perfection Lumiere.
I really wasn't expecting any difference to the previous version I had been using.

I have to admit when i first started using it I hated it ... A LOT!
But i finally worked out that it is the kind of foundation that you only use a minimal amount per application and once I figured that out I loved it!

So I apply with a flat foundation brush so I achieve maximum coverage.
But a stippling brush also works really well.

The consistency is quite thick which normally would mean your face would feel like you have a layer of cement plastered across it but not with this product I still feel as though I can breathe through it.

I am personally using shade 20 which is a perfect fair to medium shade.
I always insist on a lighter shade rather then looking like I have just hopped off the set of Willy Wonka.

I have also mixed this foundation with a moisturiser on the odd occasion to make a tinted moisturiser and it combined really well and it lasted for the whole day.

 So it is a very versatile and long lasting foundation with maximum coverage.
But you have to be willing to pay for what you get with this product.
Retailing at $86.00 it's pricy but if you are willing to part with the extra cash it really is worth the money.

Also when you purchase Chanel products through the Chanel Beauty Bar they keep a record of all purchases just in case the next time you head in store for your favourite foundation but you forgot the shade they will just look you up in their system and you're all set to go.

Available at Davids Jones, Myer and Chanel Beauty Bars across Australia this foundation is my go to with every make up look I am wanting to achieve.

Take care Dolls and love.

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