Friday, 7 March 2014

Product Review: Gelogic Nail Polish

I am extremely rough when in comes to my nails.
I apply a beautiful polish and by the next morning it will be all chipped and ruined.
While I was doing my weekly shopping this week, while in the personal hygiene aisle, I spotted this product.
I have been hearing about how much better the gel nail polishes are to the normal polishes but I have never actually come across one. 
I used to get my nails professionally manicured and always chose the gel acrylics because of having a rough on the hands occupation but since no longer being in the beauty industry I thought I could get away with normal polishes but was always annoyed and disappointed when they kept chipping.

I chose the colour 'light pink' because lets face it pink is the greatest colour on earth!
I followed the directions on the box which instructs you to apply two coats of 'Gelogic Nail Polish' but i felt that it was way too thin and see through for my liking so i opted for four coats.

It doesn't take too long to dry which was great because I am the most impatient girl, i truly am a microwave baby!

The finished product its beautiful! 
It drys to a perfect sheen that you only normally receive from a professional gel acrylic manicure but without the use of a UV light.

I really wasn't expecting much from this polish being a supermarket sold item and also half the price of the normal brands I would use but it has lived up to its promises and so far no chips!!

Retailing at $9.95 at Woolworths Supermarkets I would definitely try the other colours available.

The only drawback of this range is there was only around four colours to choose from but i am thinking of searching online for more shades because even thought I love my pink sometimes we just need to mix it up a bit!

Take Care Dolls and Love

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