Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Funday!

I'd like to start my post off by saying ......

Today is my handsome Scotty's 25th birthday.
I have had the pleasure of of loving you and knowing you for almost a decade and I have loved every second of it!

I love having a whole day that I get to dedicate to the love of my life!
He has the biggest heart and I am so blessed that he chose me to share his life and heart with me.
He is always there to help when people are in need which makes me so proud of him and honoured to call him my fiance´ and my future Husband.
I Love You Honey For All Time!

We started our day off with some breakfast at Stones bar and grill. I am really not adventurous so I opted for my usual Vegetarian Breakfast which is normally alright but nothing to rave about but at this place it was actually delicious! The Mushrooms were marinated in a garlic oil and the grilled tomatoes were seasoned with rosemary and cracked pepper, over all the meal was full of flavour and well worth the money. The birthday boy had is usual Eggs Benedict, when you choose your favourite how can you go wrong?! 
The restaurant was nice and quiet we were actually the only customers there until we were leaving so it gave us a lovely intimate breakfast with his parents with the tranquility you would not normally get when eating out.

We set up his present this afternoon, being a forex trader he does a lot of computer work, he got a ergonomic computer chair that looks like something right off the Starship Enterprise.
We found it on an online store which specialises in ergonomic chairs and modern home decor,, we were able to go into their warehouse and try out all the different chairs they stock to choose the better of the lot. The chair we chose was a brand they no longer stock on the website, due to no longer being an authorised dealer, which was good because they were selling them off with a 30% discount.
He says that it is super comfy and I'm happy about that!

Scott and I are huge Game of Thrones fans so I made him this cross stitched card.
I actually found the pattern on Etsy,, I'm so glad I chose to make it for his birthday I think he loved it more than the chair!

We are off to see 12 years a slave tonight. We are both fans of Benedict Cumberbatch and look forward to seeing how he is in this award winning film.

I think Scott is wanting Thai for dinner but who knows we could end up at Japanese!

I'm thinking that indoor activities will be best today with the heat outside today in Melbourne.
After all us fair skin beings crisp easily in Australia's harsh sun!

I hope you are all having a Sunday Funday!
Let me know what you guys are up to!

Take Care Dolls and Love
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