Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thankful Thursday!

Like I wrote in a post the other day I suffer from depression and to help me see the joy in my life I would like to recount the things that I am thankful for every Thursday.

I'm thankful for Mister Nice Guy's BakeShop and to have a variety of food to choose from when I go there.

Mister Nice Guy's is completely vegan but also cater for all kinds of allergies from Gluten intolerances to Soy allergies.

I know what you're thinking "I bet it tastes bad though" trust me this bakeshop has the best tasting vegan cakes and baked goods i have ever tasted!

As soon as I step through the threshold into their Ascot Vale store such a happiness and joy comes over me it is so eclectic with vintage nick nacks scattered around the walls and the warm smiles from the girls behind the counter warms me to my toes!

I seriously spend 15mins looking at all the new varieties of cupcakes and cakes and having a little giggle over the quirky names, my favourite is the Unicorn Milkshake cupcake but today I was contemplating the Zombie Brains one instead! 

Rainbow and Unicorn Milkshake Mini-Cupcakes!
Today I went for a BLT Bagel, which was sooooooo good, I wasn't too sure about the faux-bacon but it almost tasted like the real thing and it left me wanting more!!
The pastry i chose was a Chocolate Babka which is a Polish pastry that looks a lot like a croissant but better!! The Chocolate is a melt in your mouth, as good as Nutella, filling that makes my belly sing for joy!

The only downside is it's too far away! But driving the 30mins to get there is so worth it when I get to fill me belly with the delectable goodies that await!

They actually have two stores one on Union Road in Ascot Vale, Victoria, and the other at the Prahran Market, Victoria.
I have personally only been to the Ascot Vale store but i'm sure the Prahran Market store will be just as wonderful!

If I could spend every day here i would!

I'm so thankful that these awesome bakers decided to share their delicious recipes with the world so that I can treat myself to cakes and goodies that i would normally miss out on.

Want to find out more click the link below to discover the yummy world of Mister Nice Guy's!

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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