Thursday, 13 March 2014

Thankful Thursday!

Earlier this week I had a run in with our barbecue someone left an unlit burner on and when I opened the hood I inhaled a unhealthy amount of gas and as a result it set off a bout of Asthma.
This is where my thankful post comes in...

This weird rock is my life saver.... sometimes literally.

This is a Himalayan Salt Lamp and it does wonders for the respiratory system.

How this amazing lamp works is by drawing water molecules from the air to the surface of the salt lamp then as the globe warms up the lamp a gentle chemical reaction occurs.
Healthy negative ions are then released into the air which counteracts the positive ions from electrical equipment around our homes.
This purifies the air around the home from nasties like airborne bacteria, viruses, mould, and allergens as well as respiratory irritants and asthma triggers so that all these nasties can no longer survive.

The warm glow also creates a tranquil ambiance in the room that calms when you are experiencing an Asthma attack which I find helps so much in slowing you breathing and calming the situation.

It is a known fact that physicians used to prescribe a trip to the salt mines in the 1800s for chronic respiratory conditions!

Salt is an amazing healer and cleanser so why not try it for respiratory conditions as well as cleansing a wound.

Every time I start to feel a little tight in the chest or a little tickle in my throat I switch on my lamp and spend the day sitting in the same room as it and I am feeling 100% by the morning where I used to have to remain on inhalers for a few weeks after an episode.

I'm so thankful for such amazing natural  remedies like this!
We were given this earth for a reason and it is full of wonderful remedies waiting to be discovered!! 

Just make sure, if you are looking at getting a Salt Lamp, that it is genuine there are so many sold out there that are nothing more than a stone lamp for looks and not for health use!

I purchased mine a couple of years ago for $49.95 but unfortunately the store closed down but a great place to look is Health Food Stores and Online Salt stores like Himalayan Salt Australia.

Be warned that they do drop salt so make sure it is located on a easy to clean surface!

If you suffer with respiratory conditions I really do recommend looking into salt therapies not only the salt lamps but you can also visit salt rooms there are a couple located in Victoria such as Salts of the Earth.
Regular visits to a salt room is so beneficial for knocking respiratory conditions on the head!

Here is some more information about Salt Therapy! 

Check it out it is truly worth it!! 

Take Care Dolls and Love.

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