Thursday, 20 March 2014

Thankful Thursday!

I Love FOOD!

I'm so thankful that I live in a country where food is regularly available! 
I'm also thankful that I have the ability to cook and the passion to cook!

Being on a strict diet like I am I really do need to know the ins and outs of baking and cooking because lets face it you can't just head down to McDonald's for a Tofu Burger! 

Everyday I thank God for placing me in this country of abundance.
I look at the world everyday and wish that all those little children that are living on nothing but scraps would be as fortunate as I am and have a good meal tonight!

I'm also thankful that I was raised in a home with a good cook.
My Mum taught me all I needed to know to become to cook I am today!
And my Fiance´is thankful for that too! 

Every Friday I set aside the day for baking some special yummies for my Fiance´.
And that brings me such joy to be able to bless him with a special treat!
I'm also thankful that He is loving my Vegan cooking! 

I'm always scouring the web and all my cookbooks for new ideas and recipes to bake
and I love to help others that are struggling to get the hang of baking and share some of my hints and tips with them.
Learning to bake a healthy meal or treat is so beneficial not only for yourself but for your whole family!

This weekend I'm thinking of baking some Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies.
We are loving one recipe in particular from the Babycakes "Cover the Classics" cookbook.

These are great they are a mixture of Anzac biscuits and Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Lets face it both these cookies are sooooo good!

What are you Dolls cooking at the moment?
Feel free to share your favourite recipes with your fellow foodie!!

Take Care Dolls and Love!!

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