Saturday, 5 April 2014

A Wedding to Remember!

Yesterday we had to pleasure of witnessing the marriage of my future Brother and Sister In-law
The day was perfect and unique... just like them!

I thought before I showed a few shots of the beautiful couple I would share my look for the day! 

I know I shared a sneak peak yesterday of my look but there were so many other photos I wanted to show you all!!

I didn't get chance to upload anything else because I literally uploaded that one photo five minutes before I was getting picked up!

I'm wearing a beautiful gown that my parents bought me for my birthday this year and I adore the lace overlay I love how the lace scallops  at the bottom and is actually longer than the actual dress!

I am wearing a real mixture of make up I don't think I have ever worn so much make up in my life but it was perfect and lasted me the whole night which was amazing.... that never happens with this oily skin of mine!

Face Primer: Porefessional by Benefit
Eye Primer: Shadow Insurance Candlelight by Too Faced
Foundation: Perfection Lumiere by Chanel
Powder: Candlelight by Too Faced
Blush: Prom Princess by M.A.C
Shine Vanishing Powder: Agent Zero Shine by Benefit
Eyeshadow Palette: Boudoir Eyes by Too Faced
Liquid Eyeliner: Hyper Glossy by Maybelline 
Pencil for Upper Waterline: Black Mineral Eyeliner by Nude by Nature
Pencil for Lower Waterline: Le Crayon Khol Clair by Chanel
Mascara: Better Than Sex by Too Faced
Lipliner: Summerfruit Crayon by M.A.C
Lipstick: Shy Girl by M.A.C

I told you there was a lot!!
But it was well worth it!! 

(sorry the shot isn't too crisp)

If you are wondering what is on the heels of my shoes I have Garden Saviours on to stop my heels from sinking into the grass.
I got them knowing that we were going to a garden wedding!
And they worked perfectly!
All day everyone was telling me what a great idea they were!
Another great idea I had that everyone was envious of was a pair of fold up ballet flats I didn't need them for the wedding but the walk out of the gardens to the hotel was a bit of a  hike so I  didn't have to worry about stumbling around in heels late at night!

My handsome Fiance´ was one of the groomsman I was so proud of him!
And he scrubs up so well in his suit!
I Love You Honey!

I think this was the only photo taken of us (other than in the photo booth)
and it was taken on my Father-In-law's iPhone but it's still perfect!

Now for the part you've all been waiting for....

The Beautiful Wedding...

Flic is wearing a Mariana Hardwick gown that was simply breath taking!

I loved this idea so much!!
Being children from previous relationships to symbolise the joining of two families they did a sand ceremony where each person with their own colour sand poured it into a bottle.
After each one had separately poured in their colour they then all at the same time poured in their colours to show that they are now all one family coming together!

This was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!  

We are so honoured to have shared this special day with these two very special people!

The venue was amazing they got married at the Gardens House in the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne.
The food was incredible...
I had the vegan choice and it was so good you don't understand how good it was!!

They also had a photo booth which was a blast ...
We haven't got the photos of all the fun we had but I'm sure I will show you Dolls!

Thank You Daniel and Felicity for allowing us to share your special day with you!!

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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