Friday, 25 April 2014

Beautiful Brows!

Until recently I was so sceptical about filling in my brows and thought it looked way over done like I looked like Groucho Marx but after spending some time at the Benefit counter at Myer Highpoint I started to appreciate the love of a nicely filled in brow!

So the search began for an easy and quick way to fill in my brows!
I went from Mecca Maxima to Mac to Chanel and back to Benefit and decided this beautiful product was exactly what I had been searching for!

A lot of brow pencils I had looked at had been scratchy and drew harsh lines and lets face it I want beautiful brows not chicken scratches! 
But when I tried Benefits Instant Brow I fell in love!
The brow brush combed through my brows with ease and styled them perfectly!
The size of the pencil fits perfectly in my hand!
and the consistency of the pencil was smooth almost like a creme!

I loved that the girls didn't push me for my natural colour, which is almost black, but allowed me to explore the lighter shades until I found what was  perfect for me!
I chose Medium Brown which is the perfect warm brown that brings warmth to my face!

This pencil is so easy to use and only takes me a couple of seconds to get perfect brows!
and the great thing about using a pencil like this is is you get a little heavy handed you can just use your brow brush to comb through your brows to take away some of the excess product!

The only downside is that I go through it so quickly!!
I can't do my make-up now without framing my face with beautiful brows!
I don't know how I could leave my make up half done for all these years!

Benefit sells this beauty for $36.50
and Amazon sells it from $14.98 (pictured below)

Now I have mastered this I am wanting to explore more into brows!
What do you dolls recommend???

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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