Thursday, 10 April 2014

Better Than Sex VS They're Real!

While I was getting my makeup done at Benefit the other day the Makeup Artist asked what mascara I was using and I told her Too Faced's Better Than Sex she then proceeded to say well our They're Real is meant to be the rival of Better Than Sex and it is the best selling mascara in Myer.
So she gave me a sample to compare the two.

Too Faced - Better Than Sex
Now I have raved about this mascara before so we all know exactly how much I love it!
The large hourglass shaped brush with its thick bristles is amazing when pulling through the lashes it grabs even the finest little lash.
The mascara itself is thick but doesn't clump on the lashes and it thickens the lashes to give the effect that you are wearing false lashes.
I am able to keep applying this product without my lashes sticking together or the product clumping through my lashes!
There was no smudging or panda eyes through the day.
The packaging you could say is metal which I love, it gives a sturdy feel to the product.
There is a lot of hype with this product and so far its all been true!
Mecca Maxima sells this cutie for $31.95.

Benefit - They're Real
The packaging was quite boring for a benefit product they tend to have quirky designs and all the products are eye catching but this was a let down!
The brush is a silicone long brush with what looks like a medieval mace in the tip to apparently help pull up the lash to enhance lift and length.
The consistency of the mascara was quite thin which meant there was no clumping on the lashes and it pulled through the lashes with ease and I was able to apply a few times without the lashes clumping.
There was no fallout of dried product from my lashes through the day and no smudging either.
I haven't really heard much about this mascara no hype that you hear about Better Than Sex!
Benefit at Myer sells this guy for $38.00

Both mascaras made a lot of promises on the packaging.
Both were nice to apply and easy to use.
Both did not smudge or have any fallouts on my face through the day.
Both lengthened my lashes.
But only Better Than Sex gave full lashes without the need of falsies.
and Better Than Sex's brush is a lot nicer on your lashes!
The promises on the packaging were fulfilled with Better Than Sex where the ranting about bigger fuller lashes from They're Real did not cut it! 
I feel that paying the extra for They're Real is not worth it if you are looking for a fuller doll-like lashes.
But if you are wanting more natural thinner lashes then I would recommend They're Real.
But if it is the big over the top lashes that you are looking for, which I am, then look no further than Better Than Sex.

What mascara are you Dolls loving at the moment?

Take Care Dolls and Love!
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