Saturday, 26 April 2014

Bridal Bliss

This weekend my Fiance and I are going to a bridal expo and doing some research for some wedding ideas so I thought that I would get into the mood by doing a bridal inspired look for my nails.

All up I have used  three different nail products to achieve this blissful look.

1. OPI's Time-less is more 
This is a off white, which I wasn't expecting the colour looked pure white until I painted my nails.
I wasn't too impressed with this polish to be honest normally OPI polishes are nice and thick and creamy and you don't need to work on achieving the perfect application but this one I seriously did ten applications and you can still see my nail underneath!

2. YSL's Dore Orfevre 29
I actually used this colour last week on my Game of Thrones inspired look!
It is like liquid gold and i love it so much! 
It is a bit pricey but it gives a smooth and perfect application and it dries really quickly!
3. OPI's The Man with the Golden Gun
Sorry to say this was a limited edition!
Part of the 50 years of Bond collection this is a top coat that has real gold flecks through it!
I only use this for special occasions and it looks really nice over the gold polish on my feature nail!

All these products can be found at all department stores!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Take Care and Love!

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