Thursday, 17 April 2014

Budget Buys: 10 Things to Try Under $15

Even though I am a lover of high end and more expensive brands when it is all said and done every girl likes to save money where  she can and beauty is the best place to start!

So I am going to share with you Dolls 10 affordable beauty products that are under $15.
I was wanting to try and keep it under $10 but I wanted to share two products that were just over!

1. Batiste Dry Shampoos:
Most of Batiste's dry shampoos are under $10 but the two that I use are actually $12.99 at priceline but on Amazon only $9.60.
they come in a slightly larger aerosol and I personally prefer the scent of these and the feel.
Batiste make a huge range of dry shampoos but what I love is the products that are matched to hair colours.
The thing in the past I hated about dry shampoos is that for us brunettes or darker shaded hair tones the dry shampoo would turn our hair grey no matter how much you combed it out or rubbed it in but now having the choice of a brunette toned dry shampoo I have no trouble with looking older than my years!
Another problem I have always had with my hair is the weight of my hair.
Having quite thick and coarse hair I find it hard to keep body in my hair the weight will just pull it limp even with teasing but I have found the Batiste XXL volumising dry shampoo has helped with keeping a bit of my natural bounce in my hair!

People automatically think that natural or vegan products are expensive so they keep reaching for the cheap supermarket brands of skin care but the truth is Sukin along with a few other organic brands are cheaper than a lot of the supermarket brands.
Sukin's Sensitive Moisturiser  is a steal at $9.95!
You doesn't cost the earth to have radiant and smooth skin!

3. Gelogic Gel Nail Polishes:
These are actually sold in supermarkets and are made by an American brand called Pretty Woman.
They don't have a wide range of colours but if you are interested in trying out a gel nail polish that doesn't need the UV lights then this is a cheap alternative!
Only $9.95 I was happy to give it a whirl!

I know I am always blogging about this but I really do love it!
I love that it is a vegan and natural ointment for not only your lips but for rashes or burns or bites it does so much!
A tube of this will cost you $4.99 and it seriously lasts forever!
I use mine heaps and I have had this one for way over a year and its still going!

I have quite a few of these only because of the huge colour range and that they are affordable!
I will generally wear these around town because they aren't a long wearing lipstick and they do need a lot of reapplying.
But if on a budget these are great!
At selected discount chemists they sell for $14.95.

6.  False Lashes from Daiso:
Some Daiso stores across Australia  have a great selection of beauty products straight from Japan!
I have found these lashes great!
They come in 10 different style, if i am correct, anything from whispy to natural to winged and of course some glammed up pairs!
And being Daiso everything is $2.80!

Majority of the brushes sold at Furless Cosmetics are all under $10.00!
I have bought all my eye brushes and powder brushes and foundation brushes from here and all of them cost me either $9 or $10 each!
The quality is amazing!
Each brush does its job perfectly and are super soft!
I was very impressed when I received these brushes!

8. Sake Cleanser from Daiso: 
Let me just say that I am not normally one who would use any cheap skin care on my face but knowing that there are a few high end brands that market a sake based product I thought I would give this a try and might I say I love it!!
My face felt so much cleaner and smoother after cleansing with this Sake Cleanser!
There are a few to choose from at Daiso but I chose this one because they had actually taken the time to do a review in store of it!
So again for $2.80 I gave it a shot!

I found these on my travels the other day and thought i'd give them a whirl!
 They are star shaped sponge rollers that you wear while you sleep!
The idea is when you wake up you will have luscious waves but my hair being so thick and the nights being so cold my hair was still wet!
So I took each curler out, one at a time, and dried the hair with the hairdryer and while the hair was still warm i rolled it up again and set it that way!
Then I had lovely curls!
Only $8.95 for a pack of 6 but might I say cheaper online!

10. Silk Pore Cleaners from Daiso:
I know I love my Daiso stores!
But really they have some interesting products in there that I had never seen before!
These little guys look like thimbles you pop them on the end of your finger and massage around you nose, or your black head prone areas, to cleanse out the pores and help get rid of those nasty black heads!
Of course only $2.80 and you get 6 in a packet!

What are your budget buys??

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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