Saturday, 12 April 2014

Farewell Miyazaki!

Last night my Fiance´ and I finally got to go into to town to see Hayao Miyazaki's final film!
There were mixed emotions going to see this film
Being a HUGE Studio Ghibli fan I never want his films to end
But like they say all good things must come to an end!

We chose to go see the Japanese version of the film The Wind Rises, aka Kaze Tachinu, we love to experience the Japanese versions of Anime Films because most times in the English dubbed version a lot of expression is lost and words are changed so you don't quite get the same experience!

Only one cinema was playing this so we had to head into Melbourne but I would travel the world to experience another Miyazaki film!

Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty and artistic masterpiece that was awaiting us!

From the moment that I first saw the Studio Ghibli logo up on the big screen tears welled up in my eyes and pure joy and  excitement washed over me!

The beauty of the introduction music filled me with peace like only the music of Joe Hisaishi can do!
The tinkering of the piano keys to the soft hum of the violins makes for the greatest start to the greatest film!

The animation was pure beauty, like all Miyazaki films.
The intense greens of the rolling hills and the crystal blue sky's make you want to dive into the screen and live among the cels.

The characters are fun, loving and unique leaving you wanting to know more about them and to follow their lives and their relationships!

All emotions are needed for this film from laughter to grief.
One moment you will be in fits of laughter the next in awe and then tears will be running down your cheeks in sadness and disbelief!
If you get attached to characters easy then maybe you should take some tissues!

This film follows the life of Jiro Horikoshi an aeronautical engineer and his passion for aviation and a beautiful girl Naoko.
Set in pre-WWII Japan living through the depression and natural disaster this film shows a side of the war that is not normally displayed in most films.

Even if you have no interest in aviation this film is beautiful in every way filled with love, for those who love a good romance.
This masterpiece is paradise for the eyes!
I truly can't even imagine how this Anime did not win with its Oscars nomination!
Even though I am a fan of Frozen I can't even imagine how this film did not win against it!

If you're not one for subtitles don't worry there is an English version out there too.
And for all you ladies out there the main character is voiced for Joseph Gordon-Levitt need I say more?

It's hard to say but I think this could be Hayao Miyazaki's best movie so far!
Trust me thats a big statement for me to make!

Please find where this is playing and see this beautiful film!
You wont regret it!

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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