Sunday, 13 April 2014

Furless Brushes!

One of the hardest things I have found with beauty is finding the perfect brushes 
there are so many choices out there these days and with the internet the whole world is open to us!

But I have found when buying online they up-sell a product to make out it is the be all and end all and when it arrives in the mail it is obvious it is a cheap brush made in a low end factory.
Or with places such as eBay you will search for M.A.C brushes and you will purchase what you are expecting to be a genuine product but when you get it you then notice it is a fake.

One thing I like to look for is cruelty free brushes or furless brushes.
So when googling furless brushes this company showed up, which is an Australian based company.

Furless Cosmetics is an online store that sells all kinds of professional brushes and at the moment the only cosmetics they sell are nail polishes, which I have not yet tried.
What amazed me was the price majority of their brushes are only AU$10.00  which is an absolute bargain here in Australia where most brushes retail for around $40.00 and much much more!
So I must admit that I wasn't expecting any high quality brushes to arrive but the reviews were extremely high even professional make up artist are using these brushes so if they are good for them they should be fine for me!

I purchased all the five brushes pictured above and the next day they were in my letter box I was so impressed with the shipping and handling speed!

I pulled  them out of the packaging and to my amazement they were so soft as if they were real fur!
Normally synthetic brushes just don't have the same softness that you would normally get with a animal fur brush!

I couldn't wait I had to try them straight away!
The Perfectly Pink Stippling Brush was my spare of the moment purchase I already had foundation brushes so I wasn't in desperate need of another but boy was I glad I bought this one!
It is the softest of all the brushes!
It evenly disperses my foundation all over my face with ease and without need of blending!
And to my amazement it uses less product then all my previous foundation brushes ever have!
That's a win for me!

The eye brushes are the other four that I purchased I wanted to make sure I had all the brushes for every area of the eye for last weeks wedding!
I was amazed with the quality of these brushes especially the precision and pencil brushes! They have firm bristles to give the perfect distinctive line!
The Crease brush I opted for was a smaller sized one because I have quite small eyelids so I needed something to be able to fit perfectly with my eye.
And the blending brush is such a soft and fluffy brush that blends with ease!

I did purchase a couple of brushes yesterday because they are having an easter sale on at the moment so they have a 20% off code for all purchases!
I can't wait to get my hands on these!
The powder brush I am using at the moment is an Eco Tools Powder Brush and it itches my face so much when I use it!

I have loved these brushes and I highly recommend them to you all!

If you Dolls are wanting to purchase any brushes and would like the discount just head to the Furless Cosmetics website, by clicking the picture below, and at checkout type in the promotion code 'BUNNY'

What are the brushes you Dolls are loving at the moment?
I am always interested in new ideas and new products to try!

Take Care Dolls and Love!


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