Friday, 18 April 2014

Hair Time with Holly

Being an ex-hairdresser I get asked a lot for tips on hair care or what people should do to their hair!
So I thought that I would start doing a hair segment every so often! 

I know that there are so many products out there claiming so much and it can be confusing for those who aren't a trained haircare professional to know what to use so i'm here to help shed some light on this puzzle!

I have naturally curly and frizzy hair and because my hair is this hair type it is more prone to dryness and splitting then any other natural hair type!
I state natural because of course if you have coloured hair you will have porous and brittle hair also!
I don't have any colour in my hair I haven't coloured my hair for over 3 years, and might I say my hair is happy for it!
So I treat my hair for its natural hair type not what I do chemically to my hair, which is a lot easier and cheaper to deal with!
But saying that if you do have coloured hair I would recommend this same treatment! 

Obviously I use quite a moisturising conditioner and/or treatment in the shower but I wanted to share my leave in treatments that I prefer to use!

After I have washed my hair and I haven't used any in shower treatments, only my normal conditioner, I sometimes opt for a spray in leave in conditioner such as this one by KMS California, please keep in mind this is the old packaging I will post the a picture of the new packaging at the bottom.
I generously spray through my hair just after towel drying my hair and then I brush through the product, I also use this leave in conditioner as a detangler when needed it saves ripping half your hair out and damaging the ends when combing through your hair!
I choose a spray in leave in treatment rather than a cream product because I don't want to have a heavy product weighing my hair down.
I purchase this at Hairhouse Warehouse for $26.95 or on Amazon for $10.50, linked below.
This leave in conditioner is part of KMS's Moisturepair range for repairing dry and damaged hair.
It is one of the only brands that doesn't leave my hair limp and lifeless from over moisturising!
The most common product I use to help repair my ends and return moisture to my over styled hair is this Organic Moroccan Argan Oil by Seven Wonders.
There are so many Argan Oils on the market and to be honest they are all basically the same the reason I use this one is it was the most natural one that I could find a lot of the others are filled with fragrances or chemical add-ons that are not needed.
All I do is rub through the end of my hair after I have finished styling it!
If i have curled my hair, to stop from dropping, I rubbed the oil all over my fingers and curl the curls around my fingers to 1. enhance the curl and 2. to stop from pulling all the curls out of shape!
I find this the quickest fix for dry ends or frizzy hair!
I purchase mine from Chemist Warehouse for $34.99, which is hardly in stock, or from Amazon for $39.60.

Amazon $39.60

Haircare is important if you want to maintain healthy and beautiful hair!
I tend to stay more natural then lathering my hair with chemicals but I also don't need to treat coloured hair.... that's a whole other lesson!

What are you loving to keep your locks luscious?

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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