Thursday, 24 April 2014

Heaven Scent!

Perfume makes a woman feel feminine and makes a man stop and look!
Perfume is something unique because every perfume will smell different on each one of us!

I am not one who likes to drown herself in her scent I like a very subtle and soft mist so that people will only catch a whiff of the delicate scent as I walk past!

But I wanted to share a few of my favourite go to scents and one room fragrance!

Neroli Jasmin by The Body Shop
This is quite a strong scent so I don't wear this on my body it is a scent that I use for filling my house with a florally spring scent that will bring a bit of life to a room.
Obviously this is a Jasmine scent that would be why they named it Jamsin after all!
I used to work with a girl that sprayed herself with this all day and it smelt amazing on her!
But for me I just feel like its too strong for what I like!

Princess by Vera Wang 
I have had this in my collection ever since it first came out when I was a teenager!
It is a bit of a teeny bopper scent but it makes me feel young and free!
The bottle is adorable!!
The love heart adorned with the cutest crown I have a feeling that is why I bought it in the first place!
This is probably one of the harder scents to describe it isn't florally maybe a little spicy though.
I would have to say there is a slight vanilla in the background of the scent with a lot of fruity over tones.
This is perfect for a girls first scent in my opinion!
And being an older scent you can normally pick it up cheap from discount drugstores!

Purr by Katy Perry

This is her original Purr fragrance!
I really love this scent!
Again a bit teeny boppery but still sweet and fun!
When this first came out around 3 years ago I searched high and low for this because it was so popular they kept selling out!
But when I finally got my sticky fingers on it I loved it from day dot!
I would describe this scent to be very sweet and fruity!
I took it to Thailand with be a few years back and whenever I smell this scent all I think of is Thailand!
Again this is now an older scent so you can pick it up really cheap!

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Amazon $21.51

You would think that I was attracted to celebrity perfumes but trust me I'm not!
I only go by how they smell!
This is my all time favourite!
It is a florally fragrance with a hint of vanilla and caramel!
I where this all the time it makes me feel so pretty wearing it!
This is a bit of a hard fragrance to find around here!
I only once saw it locally and it was when I bought the last bottle of it!
It was released around five years ago so it is available online from discount beauty stores!
I love everything about this fragrance the scent, the bottle and colour tones!
It really is a bit fancy!

A couple of perfumes that are not in my collection at the moment but I adore and have loved in the past are Dior's Miss Dior and Hugo Orange by Hugo Boss!
Both are beautiful fragrances but being high end brands I can't afford them every time.

That is my favourite female perfumes at the moment but here are a couple of male scents that I buy for my fiance to make him smell so scrumptious!
Hugo by Hugo Boss is my all time favourite male cologne! This makes him smell amazing!
It isn't so overpowering that you can't wear it as an every day spritzer, which is what Scott does!
The other cologne I love on him is Dolce and Gabbana The One this is such a woody scented cologne but it smells amazing on a night out!

Amazon $46.55
Amazon $38.55
I find the best place to purchase our fragrances is from StrawberryNet and Amazon!
They generally have some cheap offers available!

What are  your favourite perfumes and colognes??
I'm always loving ideas for new scents!

Take Care Dolls and Love!
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