Monday, 28 April 2014

My Most Worn Lipsticks!

You could say that I am  newbie to the lipstick world I was always the kind of girl that wore lipgloss's rather than a lipstick!
But as I'm getting older I'm starting to see the beauty in a beautiful lipstick!
That also means I'm spending more money on lipstick!

I have quite a few lipsticks but I thought I would show you Dolls the ones that I wear majority of the time!

I'm a huge fan of MAC lipsticks especially the cremesheen range!
They never leave my lips feeling dry or dehydrated but lush and moisturised!
I tend to wear  a nude shade most days and thats why I bought a couple of lovely pale toned lipsticks from MAC!

Angel by MAC
This was actually the first colour I ever purchased from MAC in lipsticks!
It is a beautiful soft pink and yes it is very angelic!
I love the feel of this lipstick on my lips it feels like I am wearing a lip balm that is highly moisturising rather than a beautiful lipstick!
This has to be my most warn shade!
It goes with basically every look and is a breeze to apply!
All MAC Lipsticks are available from Myer Department stores across the nation for $32.00
or online at Amazon from $14.00.

Amazon $14.00

Shy Girl by MAC
This is the perfect peach tone!
I use this at my neutral shade for my lips.
It has got a slight orange toning through it but I actually like the extra added warmth to my lips!
This lipstick was actually chosen by my Fiance and I have to admit that his generally right when he says something looks good!
Again, just like the previous MAC lipstick, this leaves my lips hydrated and kissable!
I tend to wear this on the weekends when I'm out with my Fiance I just find it an easy shade to maintain!
Also available from all Myer Department stores across Australia
but also available from Amazon for $15.50

Amazon $15.50
I also have a couple of drugstore favourites if you are wanting a cheaper option!

Revlon's Colourburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart
This is  actually quite a vibrant pink!
The best way to describe it is Barbie Pink!
I tend to wear this as a feature shade if i'm wearing all black and I'll match it with some pink shoes!
I love the colours available in the Colourburst range but they never leave my lips feeling nice after using it!
I always feel like I have wind burn or they are so dehydrated but thats easily fixed with a bit of my pawpaw ointment or eight hour cream!
I generally get my drugstore brands from Chemist Warehouse and this sells normally for $14.98 but at the moment it is on sale for $10.00!
Or you can find it on Amazon for $6.48.
Amazon $6.48

Maybelline Coloursensational in Neon Red
I tend to wear a lot of navy blue and red coloured clothes so I love to match it with a vibrant vintage red!
But I found this shade while in Chemist Warehouse one time and loved that it wasn't your typical red red it is more like a orangey fire engine red!
With the orange tones in the lipstick that can be hard to watch with make up but like I said it matches my clothes perfectly!
There is something timeless about a nice red lip!
I do however have to apply this lipstick a lot to maintain its vibrance and beauty and it can tend to dry my lips a little bit but that doesn't  bother me thats an easy fix! 
Available from Chemist Warehouse for $16.98 but at the moment they are selling them for $8.48
Or from Amazon for  $5.50.

Amazon $5.50

In comparison MAC wins hands down but not everyone can afford counter products every time, me included!
If I could I would have only MAC lipsticks they keep my lips perfect! 
There is something timeless and elegant about a beautiful lip!

What shades and brands of lipstick are you loving at the moment??

Take Care Dolls and Love!
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