Thursday, 3 April 2014

Thankful Thursday! A Family Day Out!

I'm thankful for the chance of having a family day out! 

My Parents, my Grandparents and Myself had a day out together at the Dandenong Ranges and it was wonderful!

For those of you who aren't aware the Dandenong's are a mountain range that is approximately 30 minutes out of Melbourne, Australia, and it is such a beautiful spot but can be super busy on the weekends thats why we went on a weekday.

Starting our day off with a walk through the Alfred Nicholas Gardens which is a perfect picturesque spot that a lot of people don't really know about!
This time they were doing a bit of maintenance so some areas were either blocked off or lakes had been drained but it was still so tranquil and relaxing!

I got the pleasure of taking some shots of my beautiful Grandparents while we were there!
Just Gorgeous!

Then we headed off to lunch....

We ate at Miss Marples Tea Rooms.
This is a traditional English tea room that serves everything from pies to devonshire tea. 

But we went all out and ate to our hearts content! 

These are our desserts... and they were amazing!
Scones, Bread and Butter Pudding and Waffles!

The Dandenongs is a great place to go for a nice unwind or even a spa day!
The beauty alone is enough to calm ones nerves!

And there are some quaint stores up there that I love to explore, they are a tad pricey but its nice to browse anyway!

These are a couple that I go in every time because I'm a big kid!!

This lolly store is an imported lolly store with everything you would find in America and England!
I go here for my ginger Edinburgh Rock it is the only place I can get it! 

Geppetto's is exactly what you might think....
A puppet store!
It is filled to the brim with toys and puppets.
With marionette's hanging from the ceiling and teddies waiting to be held how can I resist exploring the wonders of this store!!

I am so blessed to have such a fun loving family!
I'm so thankful that I can have times like this adventuring and having fun with them!

Have you Dolls been on any adventures recently??

Take Care Dolls and Love!!

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