Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tips: What to take to a Garden Party!

I'm the kind of person who likes to be prepared for any situation when I leave the house.
I always pack too much when we go away for that just in case moment or I never leave the house without my handbag filled with things that just might be needed!
So why would it be any different for a Garden Wedding!

People were amazed how prepared I was for this wedding with a bag full of goodies so I thought I would share the main things that are a must for a Garden Party!

1. Phone and/or Camera: I am such a photographer I like to capture every moment possible.
So in my eyes a camera or phone is a must just to make sure you capture every moment on film to look back on and reminisce!
I personally take my Canon EOS everywhere so I can have high quality photos but saying that on our trip to New Zealand I actually forgot my memory card so I shot everything on my iPhone and I was really impressed!

2. Lipstick: I always take a lipstick with me just to make sure I am looking fabulous all night long! With all the eating and drinking and kissing that goes on in ones life you have to be able to touch up those luscious lips!

3. Lucas's Papaw Ointment: I never leave the house without this!
It is amazing! It keeps my lips highly moisturised and stops them from cracking!
When you are wearing lipstick you need to keep your lips moisturised so the colour stays perfect and doesn't crack and crumble all over the place!

4. The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine: This is a definite! This made my make up last the whole night with all the dancing and drinking and partying that went on my makeup was flawless and oil free!
All I had to do was touch up a couple of times and thats that!

5. Foldable Ballet Flats: You don't understand how envious people were of these!
After partying all night in high heels all you want to do is kick off your heels!
But the only problem with that was we had a bit of a walk back to our hotel room but I didn't have to worry about blisters or aching feet I just chucked on these guys and away I went! 
I have to say I can't remember what brand these are but I bought them from Chemist Warehouse and they are great because they actually have a full sole on them! But I linked a version of foldable ballet flats up above!

The last thing that every single female at the wedding were so amazed with was these! 

On the heels of my shoes are attachments that are to stop your heels/stilettos from sinking into the grass! 
So while every other woman was standing on the balls of their feet to stop from sinking into the grass here I was prancing around with not a care in the world!
I bought them off of eBay for $13.00 but I have seen them at Myer in the Miss Store!
They are made by Secret Weapons and are called Stiletto Stoppers!
They are amazing! 
They even made my heels easier to walk in I loved them!

What are your essentials for a Garden Party?

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

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