Monday, 14 April 2014

What's In My Bag?

The best way to describe my bag is the Mary Poppin's Carpet Bag!
There is so much stuffed inside that even I wouldn't know what I'm going to find when I unzip the top.
But just for you Dolls I am adventuring inside and finding what I actually keep in there!
(Mind you a few things aren't pictured, I don't think my table is big enough.)

Lets start with my beauty essentials! 
I have a small Harrods polka dot clip purse that has three items inside

These are things that I am always reaching for throughout the day.
The Tamanu Oil, which is from Vanuatu, is for any itches or dry spots on my skin that may pop up and I roll on a small amount to take away the aggravation!
Porefessional: Agent Zero Shine is a must to make sure I have flawless, oil free make-up all day every day!
M.A.C's Angel lipstick goes everywhere with me, it's a very soft pink, I find it so moisturising and it keeps my lips lipsmacking good!

Then in my side pocket you will find:
3. Nail File
4.  Assorted hair ties, clips and pins.

I don't go anywhere without Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment I have found it to be one of the only things that keeps my lips perfectly hydrated and it applies well over the top of lipsticks without tainting the colour or the effect! 

The other product that actually keeps my lips perfectly hydrated is Elizabeth Aden's Eight Hour Cream.
I found this small tin tub in the duty free at the Queenstown International Airport in New Zealand and I haven't seen it since! I have seen the lip sticks but not the tubs. 

A Nail File is always needed in any ladies handbag! There is nothing worse then being out somewhere and you can feel a little knick in your nail and it keeps catching everything from your hair to your clothes and the worst thing your stockings! I like to be able to fix my nails before it gets caught and rips a huge chunk off of my nail!

I am always going from hot to cold and I have super thick hair so when I have my hair down and do get hot I have to have hair ties and clips on hand to get my hair off of my neck. So there will always be an abundance of hair ties and clips in my bag and anywhere else around my home!

You will also find thrown inside my bag:
1. My Cute Floral Purse
2. A Pack of Kleenex Tissues
3. My iPhone (obviously)
4. A Pack of Tic Tacs
5. Some Sort of Food (In this case Vegan Chocolate)
6. My Versace Sunglasses!

Well its obvious that you will find my purse and iPhone in my bag just like in any ones bag!

I always have some Kleenex, I do suffer from some allergies there would be nothing worse then having a sneezing fit and having no tissue, I don't think people would like to see me using my hand or sleeves.

Tic Tacs and the most unhealthiest mint I could possibly choose but I like that they are so small I'm not a fan of peppermint but sometimes when out and I need to freshen my breath and I don't want to be chewing on something larger so I find Tic Tacs perfect for on the go!

I seriously get hungry so much during the day and being Vegan its hard to just stop at the 7/11 and grab something to munch on so I am always prepared for those grazing times in the day!
This  chocolate that is pictured is called Pana Chocolate and it is the flavour Mint, my favourite!

Lastly my Versace Sunglasses!
I love these glasses!
You don't understand how long I searched for the perfect pair of glasses I went from Sunglasses Hut to Louis Vuitton to Versace to Prada to Burberry and then finally back to Versace and found these!
They are a special edition with a large medusa head encrusted in zirconia's I fell in love with them straight away.
Sunglasses are a must for any Dolls bag we don't want to be squinting in the sun and causing early eye lines!

I also have a chemist full of medications and heat patches and painkillers and all that boring stuff thrown inside just in case!
But really who wants to see all that stuff!

What can you not leave the house without?

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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