Monday, 21 April 2014

Winter Fashion Holly Style!

Winter is the time where I come out of hibernation, I thrive!
There is something about being able to rug up and and snuggle into a cozy scarf or a thick jumper with a huge cup of tea!

Here in Melbourne it has just started getting cold so I have been able to pull out my boots and dress coats and also pull out the inner me!

The best way to describe my Winter style is a Vintage British School Girl!
I love tartan and dress coats, knee high socks and woollen mini skirts.
But I am also a huge pre and wartime fashion fan, the dress suits and hats warn by the ladies of style in the 20s, 30s and 40s is timeless and simply stunning!
And thanks to The Great Gatsby a lot of pre-war and war time fashion has made a come back! 

One store I have no trouble in finding vintage inspired pieces is Forever New they tend to sell a lot of dress coats and accessories that look like they have been pulled from a Monroe film!

Here are a couple of my favourites at the moment:

There is something I adore about a cute felt hat this one reminds me of something that Daisy from The Great Gatsby would have worn or even Lady Edith Crawley from Downton Abbey.
This paired with some tight finger waves or, for us with much longer hair, a side curled bun would look stunning! 
Forever New is selling this hat for $29.99.

Here's one of those woollen skirts I was talking about before and this one is in tartan even better!
A lot of people stay clear of this kind of thing but matched with the perfect stockings or even knee high socks and an overcoat you can turn tartan from something for the punk culture to something for the high class and appropriate for any lady!
Woollen skirts are also great for keeping the warmth in on a breezy winters day!
This Skirt is sold for $79.95.

A navy blue dress coat may look like something that Madeline wore when we were kids but it is my Winter essential I own a couple!
They are that one piece and goes with everything!
I pair it with knee high socks and a woollen tunic for a the British School Girl look or with some skinny jeans and heels for that lady in all of us!
I also have a navy dress cape that i pair with skinny jeans and my red wedged boots and accessorised with my Louis Vuitton handbag and Burberry house tartan scarf this has to be my all time favourite look, which will be coming soon to my Outfit of the Day posts.
Forever New is selling this dress coat for $99.99.

Another store that is me to a 'T' is Alannah Hill.
They stock the cutest stockings and cardigans that no one else ever thinks to make!
But they are pricey!
For one of their cardigans you are looking to pay anywhere from $150 up!

Every cardigan they make is embellished with sequins or embroidered with flowers and their stockings are the best quality I have ever worm made from lace or silk I have loved every pair I have bought!
And they all are so easy to wear!  
But they are proper stockings so they are delicate so you have to be very careful with them!

And to top off all my Winter outfits I love to wear my Isabella Anselmi red wedged boots!
There is something about a red boot that just finishes off a Winter outfit!

I normally try to stick to Navy and Red through winter... come to think of it thats all year round!

There is a lot happening this Winter and this is just the tip of the iceberg for my Winter loves I might have to do another soon!

The best thing about fashion is you can just be yourself!
I never worry about what people think of me if I feel good then I look good!

What are you some of your Winter loves??

I hope you all had a wonderful Easer!

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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