Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A Little Ray of Sunshine!

Howdy Doody Dolls,

It's been quite warm this week considering it is late Autumn so I was inspired by the warmth and the life of the sun shining on my chilled cheeks.
Sitting amongst the garden on the dew covered grass made me appreciate the little rays of sunshine caressing the dew drops on the lawn.

This colour I chose is by Nicole by OPI in the shade "One Voice"
It's hard to see but this polish has slight flecks of shimmer through the warm yellow.

I don't think colours should be limited to seasons either just because its Autumn it doesn't mean I can't wear a bright summer shade! 
I think that in the cooler months you need a splash of colour even more than in the warmer weather when the sun is shinning every day.

Nicole by OPI is available at Woolworths Supermarkets across Australia now and they are also selling them cheaper then anywhere else for a nice $13.95 as compared to $19.95 at Hairhouse Warehouse.
I love a good beauty bargain!

What shade are you brightening you world with at the moment?? 

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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