Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Favourites!

I can not believe how fast this month has gone.

I have had a fun month when it comes to the products I have used and also rediscovered!
I was hoping that my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette would have been part of this favourites but unfortunately I am still waiting on a replacement palette!
But even though I am disappointed with not being able to have had that palette this month I sure have had some great products in my life.

I know that I may have already wrote about these before but i can't help that I can't get enough of these products.
So lets dive in...

Benefit's The Porefessional and The Porefessional: Agent Zero Shine:

These guys have made quite a few appearances on my blog this month and thats because they have changed my make up routine completely!
Having oily skin I need all the help I can get to have a flawless complexion and boy do these do the trick.
I love the way that The Porefessional makes my skin so baby soft and reduces those crazy pores and how Agent Zero Shine has basically abolished all the oiliness from my make up.
I use them every single time I do my make up now and I couldn't see make up without them!

Get The Porefessional Here!
Agent Zero Shine Available Here!

Benefit's Instant Brow:

Ok I know I just did a whole post to this pencil but you don't understand how I love my eyebrows since using it!
It's easy to use and gives great results where could I go wrong?

Get Instant Brow Now!

MAC's Shy Girl Lipstick:

I have basically worn this every single day this month so it has to be on my favourites!
I love the feel of this lipstick on my lips and the beautiful peachy tones it gives.
I love that I don't need to moisturise my lips after using it like I do have trouble with.
It's easy to throw into my bag to take with me everywhere I go!
Loving this lipstick!

Shy Girl Available Here!

La Roche-Posay's Effaclair Duo:

I have to admit when I first got this product I hated it!
It caused me to breakout and did nothing that it advertised to do.
But I gave it a break for a week and then tried it again and this time only placed it on the problem area and now I love it!
I have seen real results.
The length of a breakout has been cut in half when I apply this when I first get the sign of any unwanted blemishes.
I still am not a fan of the smell but I can get over that if it works!
Buy Effaclair Duo Here!

Napoleon's Blush Patrol:
I found this in my stash of older products thrown into a beauty case never to see the light of day.
But the other day when I finished my make up I felt that I looked so pale and almost ghostly so I needed to find something to bring life to my face.
So off I hunted and I discovered this and remembered that I loved it back in the day but it had been long forgotten.
This is it's old packaging it now comes in a smaller round compact which would be better I hate how dirty this white case gets even when it has been well taken care of.
I use it not as a blush but as a bronzer to contour and shade around my cheeks, hairline and jawline.
It works perfectly!
And this seriously will last forever.
Blush Patrol Available Here!

I probably could have gone on about a heap of products this month but I have to leave something to talk about for the future!

What are your favourites for this month?
I really would love to know!

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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