Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Benefit Brow Bar!

Hi Dolls,

My post is a little late today because I decided to treat myself to a brow bar experience to get these brows tamed by a professional.
There is something about the Benefit team that makes me never want to leave I want to talk to them and play with all their products all day long so to let them attack my brows was no hassle for me.

I went into the Highpoint store without an appointment expecting there to be a queue and no room left for the day but to my excitement they had one appointment left later this afternoon so I jumped to the opportunity.

After killing time for a couple of hours with a  much needed wardrobe update I headed on over to the Benefit counter at Myer to get this brows tamed.
Greeted with open arms and smiles on their faces they sat me down and began the speel.
They combed out my brows and then began to measure them, which I have never had done before, to make sure everything was even and all lined up perfectly to my face.
Then came the pain...
The warm wax was gently smeared around my eyebrows and calico was ripped from my face bringing tears to my eyes, reminding myself beauty is pain, then the tweezers captured the stragglers to make sure these brows are perfectly shaped and that there were no runaways.

The beautiful beautician hands me a pink hand held mirror to view her work and to my amazement I have beautiful full brows that haven't, for the first time ever, been waxed to thin lines that you would need a microscope to see.

Once I expressed my happiness she proceeds to fill in my brows with Gimme Brow by Benefit, which can I say is amazing it fills in the brows so naturally making it look like there is no product there, and touches up with some powder to reduce the redness.
I loved this extra special treatment there is nothing worse than leaving a salon after getting your brows waxed and everyone looking at your bright red face and trying to look at the ground in shame.

I paid $29.00 which is more than I have ever paid but can I say I would continue to pay it to get the treatment I received today! 
They also have a loyalty system so on your 8th visit you receive a free brow wax that sounds alright to me.

So if you are thinking of taming those brows and don't know where to go head on over to a Benefit Brow Bar and let them bring beauty to those brows!! 

Have you experienced the Benefit Brow Bar before? If so what were your thoughts?

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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