Friday, 30 May 2014

Floral Friday!

Hi Dolls,

We are at the tail end of May and I thought I would do something a little different and finish the month off with some colour and beauty! 
I love flowers, I always have. There is something about taking the time to stop and smell the roses that makes the day so much better.
I am blessed to live in a country that has a variety of flowers all year round not only in the warmer weather and I also live in an area that never snows so there is no risk of freezing those pretty little petals.

Here in Melbourne June starts not only a new weather season but also a new floral season so I thought I would share some of my favourites for the coming month to add a little life to your winter home! 

One of my all time favourite flowers, every time I see a daffodil I feel like its smiling back at me and its aroma even though strong still beautiful and sweet fills a room with warmth and light.
I love to have these placed in a vase in the dining area to brighten my day every morning when I have breakfast.
Unfortunately my family are allergic to the strong perfume it omits so I can only use them when they aren't around.
The good thing about daffodils is they are a budget flower you can pick them up really cheap from grocers this time of year.

Another full fragrant blossom but one that will warm you to the core.
This beautiful plant was given as a wedding favour to us at my Brother and Sister in Laws wedding in April, I planted it straight away longing to see its beautiful blossoms emerge but being a sapling I will have to wait a little while to see any flowers.
I can't wait to walk past and smell the beautiful scent waft up to meet me.
Being a simple flower it will go with any decor and also wedding!

Basically a daffodil but oh so petite.
These actually look so adorable like little baby versions of its relative.
I love the contrast they have with the white and yellow almost the same feel the daisies give.
Also having a beautiful scent this will bring life to any room in the cold of winter.

Here in Melbourne in the hills to the right of the city there is a rhododendron garden in the Dandenong ranges that is so beautiful and if you ever get chance to visit it is well worth walking through the masses of blooms rising above you.
Rhododendron's blossoms are a monstrous mass of colours that really beam and glow in the cold of winter.
Unfortunately they are huge bushes, or should I say trees, so they wont fit in a beautiful pot in your patio but if you have to room one of these bushes would look lovely in anyones garden!

Sweet Pea:
These are simply stunning flowers in their beautiful pastel shades of purple and pink.
My desk is an antique cream Queen Anne dresser and these sitting on the side of the cream desk look absolutely stunning with their striking blossoms.
Even though they have such a beauty about them they still have that delicate and feminine feel to their petals like something a little girl would gather up in the garden.
Beautiful to bring beauty into the home.

Apple Blossoms:
Looking so similar to the beautiful cherry blossoms  you see each spring in the Japanese cherry blossom festivals these beautiful flowers bring just as much beauty and joy into your world.
With subtle tones of pink and white and running along long branches they will make a stunning feature in a vase or like shown above a lovely wreath to adorn your door.

Flowers bring such happiness and life into this world some times we do need to stop and get back in touch with nature.

Take Care Dolls and Love!
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