Monday, 12 May 2014

Heaven is for Real, Book and Movie Review!

Hi Dolls,

I just want to start by saying I know that there are so many different religions and beliefs in this world that we all live in and I am not pushing my beliefs on any of my lovely Dolls out there I am just writing on my thoughts on this movie and book! If you are not Christian that is ok with me you may view Heaven as Paradise or Jannah or you may even believe in Saṃsāra and I accept that. With that over with I wanted to share with you this book and now movie Heaven is for Real.

I first read this book Heaven is for Real shortly after it was realised in 2010 and I was blown away with the emotional journey of 4 year old Colton and his family.
Without giving much away Colton gets terribly ill and during a life saving operation he takes a journey to Heaven were he meets Jesus and past family members among witnessing some truly amazing things! 
His parents were unaware of his experience until a little while later when Colton slowly starts mentioning different things about Heaven that a 4 year old or even an adult would not know anything about this starts his father off on a journey to open up Colton's mind to experience the wonders that he witnessed and to spread to word of this beautiful little boys journey to the world.

Yesterday, for Mothers Day, my family and I went and saw the newly released feature film of Heaven is for Real and even though it was a great movie I was highly disappointed that they left out a lot of the major events that are mentioned in the book, like they do with most book recreations, and they did not explain a lot of the small things in the film for those who didn't read the book, for example Colton's love for Superheroes and Swords. In the movie they kept making a point of showing Colton holding a Spiderman action figure and his room filled with Superhero merchandise but they didn't show Colton's disappointment when he went to Heaven and was not allowed a sword like the action heroes he so loved. I know this is something not very important but to me I felt it was necessary to explain why they were making such a point of Superheroes in the movie.
There are also a few things that were added into the movie that did not happen in the book which always annoys me with movie adaptions its like they think a book that has sold millions of copies is still not good enough to entertain and captivate an audience.

Don't get me wrong I loved the movie it is a heart-wrenching story that is based on the extraordinary adventure that Colton had. It is filled with laughter and sadness, joy and sorrow it is a  great feel good movie for anyone. It set record box office sales in the US and knocked Captain America off the top  position for the weekend releases. It is worth seeing!

But once you have seen it take the time to read the book you will not regret it!
It is a book that I could not put down and it is not the book pictured above because my copy has adventured all over Victoria and is currently at my Grandmothers Hairdressers house getting read there! It is a book that should be read by everyone it is truly an amazing journey that we all should take through the pages with Colton.

Have any of you read this book or seen the movie yet?
I would love to know your thought!

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

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