Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Maintaining Kissable Lips!

Howdy Doody Dolls!

Let's face it we all love to pucker up and give the one we love a huge smooch but there is nothing worse than having cracked or rough lips right before you front up for that big kiss.
But the answer is a simple fix so let me tell you my secrets to maintaining those kissable lips!

The first thing before heading to any products is to make sure you are drinking enough water a key sign of dehydration is cracked lips so always make sure you are having enough daily intake of water to keep those luscious lips hydrated.

I have a few go to products for actually adding hydration into my lips and I use these every day.
I am just a little excessive about good looking lips.

Lucas's Pawpaw Ointment:
I know I rave on about this all the time but seriously Dolls you need to realise how amazing this stuff is!
There are so many different brands of Pawpaw Ointment out there on the market these days and I have to say I have only ever used this brand only because it was the original product that a lot of other companies copied but if this is too pricey I did notice the other day while I was in Aldi that they are now selling their own version of Pawpaw Ointment and the packaging is almost identical so maybe that will be worth a try!
I normally purchase my Lucas's Pawpaw Ointment from Chemist Warehouse for $4.39 but it is available almost everywhere these days.
I apply this whenever my lips are feeling dry but I also apply this religiously every night when I apply my night cream because we are taking time to hydrate our skin why not our lips!

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream:
This is the lifesaver product that comes everywhere with me.
I have been using this for years and have never stopped loving it.
It can be a little pricey but boy is it worth it.
There are a few different types of the eight hour cream in the range and I am using the one for lips at the moment but the original Eight Hour Cream works for any area you are wanting to moisturise.
I found a small tin of this in Duty Free in New Zealand last year which I have found easy and light weight when I am lugging it around with me all day.
I bought my small tin for $20.00 but like I said that was in Duty Free but you can buy a tube of Eight Hour Cream for $24.00 from Priceline.
I use this only when my lips are feeling dehydrated and this will kick it in the butt!

Maybelline's Baby Lips:
Another great moisturising product is Baby Lips by Maybelline. 
These are a much cheaper choice and are small enough to carry around wherever you go.
They come in adorable colours and flavours so there will be something that will suit everyone.
Similarly to the Eight Hour Cream the Baby Lips also hydrates for up to eight hours so you can imagine how hydrating they are!
You can pick these up at the supermarket or any chemist.
Priceline are selling them for $3.95.

Another treatment for keeping your lips super soft is using a lip scrub this will take away any dry skin just like when you exfoliate your skin.
Lush make an amazing lip scrub called Bubblegum Lip Scrub.
This does the trick better than most lip scrubs on the market and it is adorable in hot pink and bubblegum vegan flavouring.
Lush sell their lip scrubs for $9.95 each.
I personally think these are a must for keeping your lips kissably soft.

What do you use to maintain your kissable lips?

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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