Sunday, 25 May 2014

Prime Time!

Hi Dolls,

I used to be the kind of person who thought that having to use a primer was just a gimmick and a utter waster of money and time
Until I actually did get off my high horse and try it.

I have naturally oily skin so now I know that it is essential for me to be using some form of primer to guarantee my make up lasting even a few hours.

But what put me off was going to counters and explaining that no matter what I do I can't get my eye makeup to stay for more than a second, literally my eyes are that oily as soon as a start blinking there are creases everywhere, and everyone kept on selling me a normal primer and of course this did nothing for eye makeup so I would stop using primer all together because it didn't do what the counter assistants told me it would do.

But it wasn't until discovering on my own that there is actually a special primer for your eye makeup that I started believing that they really can work if you find the correct product for the job.

 Now looking back I can't understand that no one told me in all the times I explained the problem I was having with eye makeup to use a eye primer it is so simple that is sounds stupid for not realising it myself but me being naive thought that the ladies in the department stores would know everything there is about cosmetics but no I had to find out to research myself and ask the opinion of more than one person.

I am now obsessed with primers if it wasn't for my primers I wouldn't be able to  achieve the flawless looks I achieve on a daily basis and I wouldn't be able to control the amount of oils peeking through my foundation which would eventually rub all my hard work away.

I am a loyal customer if I find something that works I will continue to purchase that product for all time so here are my favourites that I have stumbled across over the years:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight
You don't understand how this product has changed my life
It has to be the greatest eye primer I have ever used to date.
I have had my eye make up last way over 12 hours without a smudge or a crease and this, as you can imagine, is an amazing change for oily eyelids where eye shadows would basically just glide off.
I use the Candlelight version of Shadow Insurance to give my eyes more of a glow and some bling bling. Shadow Insurance does come in a non shimmer version which might suit others better but me bring of the glitter! 
They also make one that is a glitter glue which I haven't actually used yet but I am thinking about it I have been eyeing off some amazing glitters by SugarPill and MAC recently and I just might need a glitter glue.
You hardly use any of this product when you are applying it so it will last forever and the price is actually quite reasonable at $26.95 from Mecca Maxima and Mecca Cosmetica.

Sleek iDivine Primer Palette
This was a bargain buy only costing me $16.95 from Lipstick Republic I love the range of colours they have in this palette for priming eye shadows.
Some primers are light and can drain the intensity from the colours but this gives you the option to prime with a similar colour underneath your bright shades and it really is worth it.
I love these iDivine palettes the colours are so intense and having this option is amazing.
They have a real creamy texture to them and feel a bit thicker to the Too Faced Shadow Insurance but they do exactly what they promise and keep your make up perfectly in place.

Benefit The Porefessional
I am so happy I discovered this product it is amazing nothing I have ever used before could even compare.
This is a pore minimiser so it helps you to achieve that flawless look a lot easier without using so much concealer and it leaves  your skin baby soft I love the feel of my face when I have this on.
I use this all the time in my T-zone and it minimisers all those crazy pores that like to peek through your foundation.
Also using this in conjunction with The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine it takes away the oiliness for up to 5 hours.
This is a must have and it sells for $53.00 so it is a little pricey but you really don't use much of this at all.
I also use this by itself when I'm having a no make up day and it helps make my face look clearer and helps give me the courage to be wandering around without make up on.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot
This was the first ever primer I used and it is a lot different to any other I have used since.
It is very light to wear and it is good for in the summer so your face feels like its getting some air.
I use this every now and then as an alternative to my Porefessional.
It does help keep my make up in place but after a little while it will stop working and my make up will eventually start wearing off.
So if I am only going to be wearing my make up for short periods of time I will tend to use this primer.
The scent is quite pretty and the product does go far you don't need to use much.
Napoleon Perdis sells this for $45.00 but just so you know this is their old packaging and it is now in a gold and black packaging which is so pretty! 

So if you are not one to use a primer and you are having trouble with your make up have a second think about primers and try one of these or research around and find one that suits your needs there are so many available these days so there will be one exactly for your needs.

What primers are you using and loving at the moment?

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

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