Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sleek i-Divine Palettes!

Yo Ho Dolls,

The other day I was browsing numerous websites looking for something different to try that also wasn't too expensive but quite affordable I stumbled onto Lipstick Republic where I discovered that they sell Sleek products.
Sleek is a British brand that makes affordable beauty products that are still reasonably good quality.

While looking through the sleek range I found a range of eye shadow palettes called i-Divine. 
There are 15 different colour palettes which made my choice very hard! 
But when I was looking through the different colours I found the Candy Collection and thought to myself that it looked a lot similar to the Urban Decays Electric palette colours.

Obviously it's not identical but very similar.
I think it is the vibrancy that made my mind relate the two.

There are 12 shades in the palette:

Top line starting at the left:
-Strawberry Sherbet
-Bon Bon
-Parma Violet
-Apple Sour
-Pear Drop

Bottom line starting at the left:
-Blue Fizzle
-Mint Cream
-Cream Soda

The colours are highly pigmented and have a soft texture which I love and I can't wait to get my hands in and start creating.

When reading on further I noticed that they sell a Primer Palette to go along with their eye shadows and thought it would be fun to try out some coloured primers rather than using a neutral base like I normally do.

There are also 12 shades in this palette:

Starting from the top row on the left:
-Ultra Violet
-Dare Devil
-Pink Frost
-Silver Lining

And the Bottom row from the left:
-Money Tree
-Money Honey
-Hot Wired!

The texture is a very smooth cream and it leaves the skin feeling soft when I swatched it to have a look at the colours.
The colours are not very pigmented but that doesn't really matter when it is the base.

I really like the packaging!
Simple but it doesn't feel cheap.
When you close the palette shut it clicks together tightly which I love with shadows so I know that the colours aren't going to go everywhere.

I was expecting a larger size but for the amount I paid I guess I can't complain.
The palettes fit perfectly in my hand and would be a good travel size.

I wouldn't mind getting more of the different palettes to play with.
The names of the different palettes are:
-Au Naturel
-Bad Girl
-Oh So Special
-Supreme (limited edition)
-Ultra Matte V1
-Ultra Matte V2
-Garden of Eden

The website didn't say but when I received the Candy Palette the packaging actually says it is also a limited edition.

Now for the price...
Lipstick Republic is selling each palette including the primer palette for $16.95 each!
I thought that was quite a good price.
That's why I wouldn't mind collecting more.

I really was impressed with the overall quality of the product and would love to try more Sleek Makeup in the future!

Have you tried any Sleek products before, if so what are you thoughts and your favourites?

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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