Thursday, 15 May 2014

TBT: My Favourite M.A.C Limited Editions

Hi Dolls,

Like I have mentioned in previous posts I'm a sucker for a cute character limited edition I am the biggest kid at heart and when I see a cartoon character on a product I just can't help myself mix that with pink and we have a recipe for disaster.
But the sad thing about falling for limited editions is that they are exactly that limited so when I find the best blush in the world and knowing that I can never find it again it is heartbreaking I know it's sad but true!

I have to say M.A.C produce the best limited editions with the best characters sprawled out over the packaging and only once have I missed out on a character I wanted and I have to say it was may all time favourite Hello Kitty sigh but I have managed to get all the Disney ones and that makes it so much better!
So to celebrate the new cute collections  M.A.C is releasing soon I would like to dedicate this throwback Thursday to my favourite M.A.C limited editions! 

Let's start with the elephant in the room, the one without the cute characters on it.

Royal Assets: 6 warm eyes from the Antiques Collection circa 2007
This was the first limited edition I bought from M.A.C and it is beautiful it is full of timeless shades that can work with any look.
This palette helped me find my favourite shade Retrospeck this shade works with everything its a beautiful soft gold I have been through quite a few of these pots thats how much I love it.
The shades in this palette are:

-Sunday Best
-Star Violet 

The perfect mix of gold and burgundy to make any timeless look.

My Dark Magic from the Disney Villains Collection
This eyeshadow is so intense I love it with a beautiful smokey eye.
It is a spiral of violet and vibrant purple with the perfect hint of black perfectly symbolising Maleficent's dark magic spiralling through the air.
This is packed full off shimmer as should all magical eyeshadows.
The perfect shade for any Disney Villain!

Oh So Fair from the Disney Villains Collection
This was and always will be my favourite blush but unfortunately it has long run out.
It was the perfect soft pink that added the right amount of glow to the cheeks.
Personally I would say this would have been Snow Whites perfect blush but the Evil Queen is close enough.

Prom Princess from the Archie's Girls Collection
This is my favourite blush at the moment I loved it from the day the girl talked me into trying something a little brighter! 
I feel like a doll when I wear this on my cheeks the vibrant glow of pink on my rosy cheeks its perfect.
This has soft flecks of shimmer through the powder to illuminate my cheeks just right.
I will be so sad when this runs out!
I almost missed out on this one too they were sold out Australia wide but I headed online and found it in America, good old America!

I can not wait to get my hands on the Maleficent and Simpson's collections I'm so excited!

What has been your favourite limited edition from M.A.C?

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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