Thursday, 22 May 2014

Too Faced: Chocolate Bar Palette!

Howdy Doody Dolls,

Like I have wrote in a previous post I received a broken Chocolate Bar Palette about a month ago and when I say broken I mean completely smashed to smithereens.
But after waiting for what felt like an eternity I finally got the call to come and collect my new Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette! 

So off I woosh to Mecca Maxima at Highpoint to finally get my sticky fingers onto this palette. 
The girls there had gotten used to seeing me over the past few weeks constantly asking if it had came in so when they saw me coming in  they happily jumped over to the storage drawer and handed me my long awaited toy.

Let's start with this packaging isn't it just the cutest! 
It reminds me of a vintage Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar and you probably find that is exactly what they were going for.
The soft tones of pink and chocolate complement each other to make an eye catching and delectable box that would entice any passing eye.

The Palettes casing is adorable it is made from tin which I love in any make up product it feels sturdy and worth the money you spent.
The chocolate bar shape is perfect and makes me hungry every time I use it! 
The tin fits perfectly in my hand but it is still quite large.
It is fastened together with magnets which makes me feel good about it not dropping open and breaking everywhere.

The inside is so pretty filled with candy store scents which wafts out as soon as you open the lid.
Beautiful tones of browns, bronzes, purples and pinks is the perfect combination for any chocolate lover.
The purple gives it that little hint of Wonka once again!

The delectable names are so mouth watering:
-Gilded Ganache
-White Chocolate
-Milk Chocolate
-Black Forest Truffle
-Triple Fudge
-Salted Caramel
-Strawberry Bon Bon
-Candied Violet
-Creme Brulee
-Haute Chocolate
-Cherry Cordial
-Champagne Truffle

16 shades all up which makes the price well worth it when you look at the amount of goodies you are getting!

From the time I got my last Chocolate Bar Palette till now they have changed the tin they have made it slimmer and the packaging even says "I'm Skinny Now" that made me giggle I guess you wont get fat on this chocolate palette.

Inside the box there is, like in all Too Faced palettes, a how to guide to using the shades for beginners I think this is a great idea for those who are not used to using so many colours at once for their shadows.

I was actually wearing this yesterday in my Outfit of the Day post I used:

-White Chocolate
-Champagne Truffle
-Haute Chocolate
-Creme Brulee

They are really pigmented and are so easy to apply! 
I love these kinds of shades with my complexion and with my chocolate brown eyes it makes them just pop!! 

I bought my Chocolate Bar Palette from Mecca Maxima for $68.95.
I know its a little pricey but I truly think it was worth every penny!

Have you had the pleasure of using this beautiful palette? What are your thoughts?

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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