Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Keep an Eye Out For...

Hi Dolls,

There are so many goodies coming out soon or just been released that I just had to share with you all the favourites that I can't wait to get my hands onto!

Some are very well blogged about because they are already available in the US and overseas but have't quite made it to the shores of Australia yet! 

1. OPI Designer Shades:
Available in 11 shades and a top coat these beautiful and chic colours are so eye catching and a must for every fashionista's nails.
What caught my eye was the top coat is described to be a diamond dust formula which delivers unparalleled brilliance and lustre, keeps true colour and prevents yellowing.
It sounds fabulous this range is available at David Jones.

2. Too Faced Melted:
I have been waiting ages to use these amazing lipsticks.
And they are lipsticks not lipgloss they are a liquid lipstick hence the name melted.
They come in 6 different shades that are full of vibrance and colour!
Now available from Mecca Cosmetica.

3. Too Faced Brow Envy:
Now this is a revamp of the original product.
It comes with two brow powders, a wax and a highlighter along with a pair of tweezers, some travel sized brushes and some easy to use stencils for applying the perfect brow shape.
This would make a great travel kit with everything you will need in one handy compact.
Also available at Mecca Cosmetica.

4. Guerlain Meteorites:
These are stunning I have been wanting to track these down for a while but they are also rather pricey.
Basically it is an illuminating powder but a much prettier version.
It is a available in a variety of colours but I just love the pastel tones through this particular one!

5. OPI Coca-Cola Collection:
This was  just released in the US and I think it is fabulous I can only imagine the delectable names that each colour will be called.
It is a 10 pack and is part of the 2014 spring releases.

6. M.A.C 3D Glitter:
I am normally not one for over the top crazy eye make up but these have peeked my interest I saw them used on a model and they looked stunning shimmering and shining in the lights.
Of course its a product for night wear rather than an every day kind of thing but it is not only for your eyes you can go crazy and apply it wherever you are feeling like having a hint of bling!

7. M.A.C Alluring Aquatic Collection:
All available in beautiful aquamarine packaging like neptune plucked them straight from the sea himself.
There is a whole range from eye shadows to nail polish all the way to beauty powders.
I haven't seen any advertising or announcements for Australia yet but it shouldn't be too long I would expect considering the rest of the world has it already!

8. M.A.C Maleficent Collection:
This had an early release last week and I missed out on what I was wanting so I have to wait for this weeks release to see if I can get my hands on at least one piece from this collection!
Also available in a variety of products its a much anticipated collection that we all are hanging out to use.

9. Chanel Les Beiges:
This beautiful powder is Chanel's newest SPF15+ powder straight for the collection Les Beiges.
I love powders that have a contrast of highlighter, blush and bronzer to capture the perfect shade for cheeks and Chanel never seizes to impress all their products are amazing to use but unfortunately are quite expensive so I only use them for special occasions instead of every day use.

last but not least...

10. They're Real Push Up Liner:
Admit it you're intrigued! 
Everyone is talking about this in the beauty world finally a product that will give us perfect cat eye/ winged liner every time that sound good to me.
Five years in the making it is sure to be a big hit when it hits the shelf.

What are you hanging out to get your hands on??

Take Care Dolls and Love!
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