Friday, 6 June 2014

11 facts about me! A Liebster Award #2!

Howdy Dolls,

Thanks to the beautiful Belen from Love From Be she has nominated me for another Liebster award I am touched that people find my blog an inspiration and a beam of light and love into their worlds.
I love to bless people with a little part of my world we all live completely different lives and its great to be able to see the world through others eyes and I love to share my world with you all.
I get so much joy and happiness out of blogging it brightens my day and when I hear back from my gorgeous Dolls it melts my heart.
Thank you Dolls for giving your time to me.

1. Who was your first celebrity crush?
I think the first celebrity that I was so obsessed over that it would have been called a crush would have been Orlando Bloom I was 15 when he first played Legolas ow those eyes were so dreamy haha!

2. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
This is such a hard question I would have to say Thai Coconut and Lime rice its amazing!

3. Do you prefer pants or dresses/skirts?
I would have to say dresses I love a unique tunic or vintage full skirt dress.

4. Favorite make-up item?
At the moment it would be out of two, The Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced and MAC's lipstick Goddess of the Sea from the Alluring Aquatic Collection.

5. What's your biggest flaw?
Ow Be you have some good question haha! 
I find it really hard to spend a lot of time with a lot of people I am the kind of person who needs quiet and time to myself.

6. Your greatest quality?
I've always found it hard to find the positive in myself.
But I am a great listener and prefer to be the person who listens than the person who wants to do all the talking.

7. If you could have one super-power, what would it be and why?
I would love to be able to fly!
I love being in the air my Fiancee has a pilots license and I love to be able to go flying with him.
I love being miles above the ground.

8. If you had to delete one action from your every-day morning routine, what would it be?
Owww this is so hard!!
I need to be able to do my hair and make up but I guess I could go without smothering myself with lotion or go without putting my Argan Oil on the tips of my hair.

9. What's your biggest dream?
To spend my life travelling the world, living abroad and blogging our experience at every destination.

10. Disney World or New York City?
I am the biggest Disney fan my Fiancee and I are wanting to go to Japan for our honeymoon and one place we want to go is Tokyo Disney!

11. If you were to have a theme wedding, what theme would you choose?
I would want to have a Gatsby themed wedding.
My Fiancee and I love the roaring 20s we love the era and the Art Deco decor.
I would love to have the Black and Gold theme and the cars to be two toned Armstrong Siddley Specials.

Thank you so much again Be for the love you give me every day I look forward to your messages every day they are always a beacon of light at the start of my day! 

Take Care Dolls and Love!
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