Friday, 13 June 2014

FBF: Thai Dream... Part Two!

Hi Dolls,

Like I promised part two of our Thailand trip.
This has to be the greatest thing we did on our holiday we went on a cruise out to the Phang Nga Bay and went sea canoeing through the Hongs (which are the hidden lagoons in the islands).
This was an all day trip it went for 9 hours all up and they supplied lunch and dinner it was absolutely beautiful.

Our canoe guide called himself Captain Jack Sparrow, if you haven't been able to tell they all like to have quirky names I guess it's easier for us westerners to say a famous name rather than their traditional Thai names.

If you have trouble with claustrophobia this might not be for you at some point the caves are that small you have to lay flat in the canoe to fit through the opening.
I loved it, the caves were full of bats as well that were so tiny it was cute to see them hiding among the rocks. 

Inside each lagoon looked completely different some where a full circle but then others where rivers weaving through the Hongs.
But everyone of them were full of Mangroves which if you looked hard enough you could see monkeys jumping around above your heads.

It was beautiful watching the sunset with nothing blocking your view but water and islands it was so tranquil to be slowly moving through the water and taking in the beauty that surrounded us.

The sunsetting meant it was the end of the canoeing through the caves but it meant making these beautiful Thai floral offerings.
They consisted of Chrysanthemums, Orchids, Banana Leaves, Incense and Candles this was a beautiful time even if you are not religious or if you are not Buddhist like the Thai generally are to take time and see the beauty of these offerings floating across the water at night was such an amazing sight.

Captain Jack then took us away from the light and the crowd, we were the only ones that got to do this, and he took us to the dark side of the island and told us to slide our hands through the water and when we did the most beautiful sight I had ever seen occurred where my fingers were running through the water a glow was leaving a trail behind us.
This is a reaction with the Plankton in the water but it is breathtaking to see.

Part of our trip to the Hongs we received a free pass to the Phuket Aquarium so we took advantage of that the next day.
It was filled with a large assortment of tropical fish it was worth heading away from the crowds to spend a small time there.

The beaches were generally were packed up near where we were staying but down south they were basically empty so we liked to take walks together here but if you looked closely at the sand you could see that it was moving when I got a closer look it was these tiny little sand crabs scurrying all across the beach they were so quick and also so afraid of us I only managed to get this one photo.

 One thing that everyone has to try is the fish foot spa it was the biggest laugh we had in a long time.
Both my Fiancée and I have really ticklish feet so we spent the time giggling and squirming a few locals found our reaction so funny.

Once we left Phuket we had a day in Bangkok for shopping and we chose to go to the MBK centre which is probably one of the most famous shopping centres in Asia.
It is 7 stories of knockoffs and technology and every thing you could ever think of.
I preferred the shopping here than on Phuket the knockoffs were a higher quality and I stocked up on jeans like crazy.

But unfortunately our holiday had to come to an end.
It was an adventure we had great times and some not so great times my Fiancée got really ill while we were there but thank God that it was only a day bug and he was on his feet the next day to go explore again.

I recommend booking everything over in Thailand when you get there it works out so much cheaper if you do this and there are so many more options available when you are over there.

If you ever get a chance to experience the beauty of Thailand and its beautiful people do it is worth every minute.

Have you ever been to Thailand? If so what did you think?

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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