Thursday, 5 June 2014

May Favourites!

Howdy Dolls,

So my favourites are a little late this month and I apologise if you have been hanging out or wondering if I was going to actually have a favourites post for May there was so many things I wanted to blog about before doing this post so it got pushed further back but the wait is over and it is finally here! 

My favourites are a melting pot of goodies some beauty, some food and some books there was so many things I wanted to share with you but I had to be strong and only do the things that I have had the wow factor with so here they are! 

Too Faced - Chocolate Bar Palette
This is the best palette for my skin tone and my eye colour and my hair colour it is like it was made just for me and lets also say how amazing it smells.
I have not stopped using this and I am so glad it was worth all the trouble I had getting it it would have been a huge let done if it was only mediocre.
I now this is very much a hyped product but Dolls its fantastic! 

M.A.C - Alluring Aquatic - Goddess of the Sea
Ok this snuck in here even though I got it on the 2nd of June....
hmm maybe it shouldn't be part of this post but I can't get enough of it!
My mind is obsessed with this lipstick I never want to stop wearing it.
The moisture it brings to my lips is amazing and the colour is stunning it truly lives up to its name 'Goddess of the Sea'.

M.A.C - Burgundy Lip Pencil
This is the perfect match to Goddess of the Sea it is slightly darker and gives the lipstick depth and intensity.
I love pencils as well they last so much longer than the crayon version and if you get a good quality one is glides on so beautifully.
This has been on my lips nonstop since I bought it its amazing!

Has No Range from Aldi
I know it's kinda weird of me to have a food range in my favourites for this month but I was so excited when I discovered that Aldi supermarkets had started there own Gluten Free range and majority of it is also Vegan so thats a double bonus for me.
I have to say my Mum thinks these Vanilla Happy Face Biscuits are disgusting but me I gobble them down by the box load.
They have all kinds of goodies available like rice pasta, chocolate and lasagna sheets and so much more I stock up every time I go into store.

The Hunger Games Trilogy
I devoured these books in a week they were amazing! 
I'm not going to go too in depth into them at the moment because I would prefer to give them the credit they deserve and dedicate a whole post to how amazing they were and are!
But if you haven't read them yet.... DO!

Nicole by OPI - Candy is Dandy
I know I only just posted my nails for this up on the weekend but I was so impressed with the gumdrop effect of this nail polish I thought that it might look tacky or something only a toddler could pull off but it was so pretty the gumdrop effect makes your fingers twinkle and shine like stars or even candy crystals.
I really want to get my hands on more from this range so pretty!

So there we have it the wonderful products I have found and loved this month.
What have you been loving this month and have you tried any of these goodies?

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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