Sunday, 8 June 2014

Silver and Sapphires!

Hi Dolls,

Looking through my polish collection I have noticed that majority of my polishes are blue I don't know why this is maybe my Fiancee has chosen most of the colours or maybe my shopping mode knows that I wear a lot of navy and blue.

So again I have a blue polish on but I thought I would only use it as a feature colour and use another polish as the main colour.

In steps OPI's Birthday Girl and Absolutely Alice.

Birthday Girl is a solid liquid silver I had never seen a silver like it before it has no glitter through it.
It is like you dipped you fingertips into a pot of melted silver.
The coverage is amazing you basically have coverage with the first application but I always do two to make sure it lasts a little longer.

Absolutely Alice is an oldie in my collection and it really hasn't adventured out very often it is from the Alice in Wonderland collection back when Tim Burton released his adaption in 2010.
I always forget until I have finished applying this colour that it actually has flecks of gold through the blue which I was disappointed with when I used it along with the silver.
It takes a lot of coats to get a full coverage i think I have applied five coats to achieve this look it is a clear polish with glitter through it so it does take some work.
But its all worth it the colour is beautiful! 

The finished result reminds my of some galactic starship or maybe thats because I spent the night watching Star Trek whilst painting my nails.
But still I feel like a intergalactic princess.

So a recap I used Absolutely Alice on my ring fingers and applied five coats until I had a full coverage and then i applied Birthday Girl to the remainder of my fingers and applied two coats on each nail.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend gorgeous Dolls! 

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

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