Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday Adventures!

Hi Dolls,

Today started off to an awful start I woke up and got everything ready to hop into the shower and just before I hopped in I noticed that my Engagement ring was missing... my heart sank and then the tears started!
I threw the house upside down and then after an hour of searching and lots of tears I finally found it right down the end of my bed I think subconscious Holly must have taken it off without letting conscious Holly know.

After spending so long so upset it took me ages to settle myself after a cup of tea and a hot shower I finally calmed enough to get on with my day.

After the morning I had I was so grateful to my loving Fiancée who took me out for lunch to Max Brenner for a nice, non vegan might I say, chocolate lunch.
We shared a delicious Fondue for Two with lots of fruit, marshmallows and even cubes of banana bread and most of all lots of chocolate.
I guess it's what every girl loves to have when having a bad day lots of chocolate.

Here in Australia Max Brenner is a must for any chocoholic to adventure into to satisfy her cravings.
They have all kinds of goodies from gourmet chocolates to belgian waffles to ice-cream sundaes whatever it is you love I'm pretty sure they will have it! 
The only thing is they can be a bit pricey for instance for two hot chocolates and the Fondue for Two that costed $30 which is a lot more than we like to pay for lunch but every so often it's nice to have a little treat.

I also went to the local shopping centre in search of some sweaters or cardigans for this mild weather that has just hit us down her in sunny Melbourne but seriously there is nothing I like out how is one meant to stay warm when there are no nice clothes out and to make this worse we had a little situation with out wall heater this week I had been having bad migraines for over a week and kept smelling this strange smell like gas but slightly different but no one else could smell it well it turns out it was Carbon Monoxide and I was basically getting poisoned so we have no heater at the moment until we can get a new one so some nice sweaters would be nice right about now.

Now I am having some quiet time with my amazing man, who is actually blowing things up on the playstation, this is a much needed us time!

How are you all spending the weekend?? 
I hope you are having a great one! 

Take Care Dolls and Love! 
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