Thursday, 26 June 2014

TBT: Royal Wedding Dresses!

Howdy Dolls,

I am really getting to the stage where I want to try on wedding dresses even though we have not set a date and are busy saving as much as possible but seeing all these pretty dresses makes me want to go and play dress up.

I have to admit I did get a so called custom made dress made from China and when it arrived it didn't fit perfect even though it was made to measure (this is pictured above) I will not be using that dress that's why I was happy to use it on here today.
The lace up is laced to its maximum and it really could go tighter and the length is too short and they have made it for someone with a bloated belly ... obviously not me.

We are hoping to be getting married in the Winter and Queenstown, New Zealand, so I have been thinking maybe I would need a classic sleeved dress something like Grace Kelly the Princess of Monaco or Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge they made the sleeves classy something that a lot of long sleeved dresses failed to do.

I thought it would be fun to look through some of the most famous royal dresses throughout history well at least my favourites.

Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge:
I stayed up to watch this wedding it was beautiful.
I think I have mentioned before that Kate is my style icon she holds herself with such class and grace and she is always dressed chic and very mindful.
I love this gown the shape of the neck and the classic lace used through the bodice it is just perfect.

Princess Mary of Denmark:
A fellow Aussie from the beautiful Tasmanian city of Hobart.
This was very much a fairytale wedding showing that even an average Australian girl can win the heart of a European Prince.
Her dress was so classic and simple with no lace but fitted satin.
It really suited her style and class.

Grace Kelly the Princess of Monaco:
I had the honour of seeing this dress in a Grace Kelly gown exhibit here in Bendigo.
Photos do no justice for the beauty of this dress! 
The lace is so intricate and the beading through the lace and over the dress sparkles and shines.
The train was magnificent and flowed behind. 

Diana Spencer Princess of Wales:
Probably one of the most famous dresses of all time.
The iconic 80s dress had a veil that flowed right down the centre of Westminster Abbey.
Covered in intricate lace and custom made for her in mind it was a perfect gown for the 80s princess.

Elizabeth II Queen of England:
I have always thought that Queen Elizabeth was such a beautiful woman she has natural beauty the shines.
This beautiful 1940s gown is a stunning full beaded gown that is as chic and classy as she always has been.
I have always loved her tiara it looks so Art Deco and glistens and shines wherever she moves her head.

Elizabeth I Queen of England:
A typical 1920s gown very simple but a beautiful lace veil.
Probably not one of the most attractive women but she held herself like any royal woman.

Mary Queen of England:
One of the most beautiful gowns from the 19th century. 
I would love to have lived in this era with the beautiful gowns with layers of taffeta and lace. 

Victoria the Queen of England:
I have always loved Queen Victoria she did so much for her country and the colonies.
Maybe it's because I live in Victoria but she has always I powerful and inspirational woman with a wonderful story.
Her gown was very unique and she lead the way for wedding dresses of the day.

Charlene Princess of Monaco:
I loved this gown it is like two gowns put together one fitted chic gown and one with a long cathedral train.
I love the simple veil it complements her whole outfit.
The delicate lacework and beading down the dress is stunning and the shape of the sleeves brings class to this gown.

I can't wait to feel like a Princess and walk down the aisle to my Prince Charming.

What gowns have you always loved and would love to walk down the aisle in?

Take Care Dolls and Love
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