Thursday, 12 June 2014

TBT: Thai Dream! Part One...

Howdy Dolls,

A few years back my Fiancée and I took a trip to Thailand for a couple of weeks and I have been hanging out to share it with you because I found it an amazing place and wanted to show you Thailand through my eyes.

I am not a big drinker or partier so I did not go to Thailand for the reason a lot of people do to go for the large nightlife and continuous partying.
Being the introverted chickadee I am I like to wander the world in search of hidden beauties.

So we flew out of Melbourne's International Airport at midnight in late-october on a flight to Phuket but with a stopover for a couple of hours in Bangkok.

As soon as we touched down in Phuket at 9:00am the biggest storm of the year hit and all flights were unable to land which meant my future in-laws couldn't land when their flight came through.
But for us it meant a very wet first day.
This storm caused landslides and flooding throughout Thailand but to be honest when we were in the storm it really didn't seem that bad.

One thing I couldn't get over was the Thai peoples knack for perfection.
Everything has to be perfect and everything is done with the warmest heartfelt smiles.
I fell in love with the people immediately! 

You can see Scott getting a tad wet from the last of the rain for the day!

We stayed at the Pacific Club Resort on Karon Beach which is about 5 minutes out of Patong (the main district of Phuket).
I loved that we chose to stay out of the hustle and bustle of Patong and stayed at a more remote area with a much better view.
It was also a lot cheaper to stay out of Patong all round it was a better choice.

The rooftop pool where we spent every night it was beautiful to watch the moon rise over that mountain behind us and watch the fireworks on the beach in the other direction and the clouds rolling over the mountains.
We loved that even at 10:30pm it was so hot that we could stay in the pool without being even slightly cold.

One thing that everyone does in Thailand is shop!
Shopping over there is pretty cheap but only if you like bad knockoffs me I'm too fussy for that I went to the real stores in Central Festival and Jungceylon and stocked up on Disney Couture and Hello Kitty.

There has always been one animal that reverts me to a toddler when I come close to them and that is Elephants!
So there was no doubt that I would take the opportunity to go on a Elephant trail ride.
This was one of the greatest experiences of my life it was so peaceful and so much fun.

Our Elephant guide called himself Tom Cruise and he serenaded us the whole 45 minutes it was the most laughs I had had in ages. 

But better than the ride was meeting this little lady!
A beautiful buba Elephant.
They said to me it's not a must but if you would like you can feed her and would I knock back a chance to be close to her.... I think not.
So I paid 100TB and fed a whole basket of banana's to this beautiful girl and then to my surprise she was given a Thai command and she gave me a kiss!!
See the next picture for my reaction hehe.

Pure joy!

As part of the package to ride the Elephants they took us up to the Big Buddha which is also a main lookout over the old Phuket city.
The view was beautiful!
 You can see the Buddha from all over the island its that big.

It is made of tiny marble tiles and as you can see they were still building it while we were there.

View points are located everywhere around the island and we spent a whole afternoon going from one to another it was so beautiful to see.

This viewpoint looks back onto Karon Beach and Patong Beach.

And if you are like me and love Elephants you will be entertained at every turn literally everywhere there is some sort of Elephant.

Due to the sheer number of photos I want to share with you all I will have to break it up into two posts so look for part two tomorrow ... I promise!

Take Care Dolls and Love!
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