Thursday, 19 June 2014

They're Real Push-up Liner!

Howdy Dolls,

I was blessed enough to be one of the first 200 in Australia to order the Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner from Myer's presale.
I really thought that I would have missed out how popular this product is.
Myer was meant to release this online at midnight on Saturday but for some reason it wasn't released until later in the morning.
So when I woke up at 8:30 Sunday morning I thought maybe I should look and to my amazement they were not sold out.
I was talking to another Beauty Blogger at the time who was camped out in front of one of the Myer stores to receive her liner and when she checked to see if it was available online it had sold out this was in a matter of seconds after I bought mine so I really was blessed to have gotten mine.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding this product so I was hoping it wouldn't be a let down and it wasn't!

I have to admit when I first looked at the tip I was a little confused as to how I was meant to use this.
The tip is made of rubber and moves wherever is needed which makes application so much easier.
This was also the first time I had used a gel liner and had heard the it is a hard product to get the hang of using and I can see why the consistency is thick and kind of rubbery so it doesn't glide over your eyelid like a normal liquid liner does.
So I practiced a couple of times on my hand to see how it flows and after two tries I was like stuff this I want to play so I applied it to my eyes and it was so easy. 
The shape of the tip really does hug the lashes and directs the product exactly where it is needed.
The only place I had a little bit of trouble was the inside of the eye and that was only because all the liners I have ever used haven't been as bulky as this so I had to figure out how to hold it to get into the corner perfectly.

I did wear it in yesterdays photo shoot if you want to see more photos of it in action.
It was super long wearing and there was no smudging, creasing or fallouts.
The one thing I was concerned about was removing it because there is a special remover but I grabbed a makeup remover wipe and slide it across my lid and was impressed at the ease that it came off there was no scrubbing or fighting with the product to get it to budge.

I really was happy with this product the five years of development was worth every second just so I had the opportunity of using it.
It really does everything it claims and it makes eyeliner easier to use.

It costed $35AUD and in my opinion that was money well spent I loved the effect that this product gave and how long wearing it is.
Here in Australia Myer stores will be stocking this beautiful product but overseas you can purchase it, after release, on the Benefit website.

Also available in the They're Real range in the famous mascara, which I reviewed here, this beautiful liner and the They're Real Remover.

Were any of you lucky enough to get your hands on the presale of They're Real's Push-up Liner?

Take Care Dolls and Love!
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